Where Is Sean Mcgavic Now? Wikipedia Age And Adoption

Bob McClancy And  Martha Ann McClancy Son Sean Mcgavic: Was He Adopted?

Bob McClancy And  Martha Ann McClancy Son Sean Mcgavic: Was He Adopted?

Sean McGavic is now living a life away from the drama he faced for years. Was he adopted? Let us learn more.

Sean was the adopted son of Martha and Claudie McGavic. He had testified against his mother in 2015.

Where Is Sean Mcgavic Now?

Sean McGavic is now living a happy life with his family in Tennessee.

Also, he is married to Stephaine Davis. Davis is a dancer. Besides, he now prefers to live a life away from media after all the drama he faced earlier.

Not to mention, McGavic was a witness against her when Martha stood in a trial in 2015.

McGavic played a key role in convicting Martha for the murder of Bob. He mentioned everything about her greed that led her to commit the crime.

In addition, Sean said everything was a lie that he knew about Martha. Also, he adds it was a hard thing to do testifying against his mom.

Sean McGavic Step-Father Bov McClancy

Sean McGavic’s stepfather Bob McClancy was a Marine Corps officer. 

Bob married Sean’s mother in the 90s. At the time, she had divorced her previous husband Claude McGavic.

In fact, Bob died on the 15th of May 2006. He appeared to die of a drug overdose at the time. There were some tablets around his body with white foam around his mouth.

However, it was revealed years after that Bob’s death was a murder.

Sean McGavic Mother Martha Ann McClancy

Sean McGavic’s mother is Martha Ann McClancy.

Martha was charged with killing her husband Bob in 2006. In fact, she told the authorities that Bob had died of drug abuse at the time.

McClancy married Chuck Kaczmarczyk months after Bob’s death. It was later revealed the Martha and Chuck killed Bob for his money.

Sean McGavic Wikipedia and Age: Was he Adopted?

Sean was the adopted son of Claude McGavic and Martha McGavic.

Also, Sean’s age is 42 years old today. As a matter of fact, he was adopted a month later he was born in October 1978.

His story was featured in the NBC’s documentary Dateline: Secrets in the Smoky Mountains.

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