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Prosecutor Phyllis Broker Trial 4: Where Is She Today? Facts To Know About

Prosecutor Phyllis Broker Trial 4: Where Is She Today? Facts To Know About

As the documentary, Trial 4 is getting more and more attention, and so is the prosecutor of that case, Phyllis Broker. She was the Assistant District Attorney during the trial went through. She was the chief prosecutor in the Sean K Ellis case and played a great role in his arrest. 

For the ones who are still to watch the show, Trial 4 is a documentary series about the wrongful conviction of Sean K Ellis, a black man, in 1983. He was arrested for the murder of a Boston police officer, John Mulligan. However, it seems as the guy went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. And the worst part is he was in prison for 22 years until he was proven innocent in 2015.  

Name Phyllis Broker
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Retired Judge

Here is everything you need to know about the prosecutor of Sean K Ellis’s case, Phyllis Broker. 

10 Facts on Phyllis Broker

  1. Phyllis Broker was the prosecutor of Sean K Ellis’s case for murder in 1983. 
  2. And apparently, the incidents are now made into a Netflix documentary series called Trial 4. 
  3. As of today, Phyllis Broker is a retired judge and currently resides in Massachusets. 
  4. However, she hasn’t shared many details about her husband and family yet. 
  5. As a retired judge, you might throw a lucky guess about her net worth, which is in impressive figures, of course. 
  6. However, Phyllis Broker doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.
  7. Speaking of whom, she was a prosecutor in a case of the murder of a police officer, John Mulligan. 
  8. And hence, the prosecutor made a theory and convicted a black man. Sean K Ellis for the murder without any evidence. 
  9. As a result, Ellis went to prison and spent 22 painful years until he was proven innocent in 2015. 
  10. The documentary, Trial 4 has all the details one needs to know about the case and it is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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