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Meet Belgian Politicain Bernard Wesphael Family After Watching Netflix Under Suspicion

Meet Belgian Politicain Bernard Wesphael Family After Watching Netflix Under Suspicion

Bernard Wesphael remains whirled in an infamous case of his wife’s death. 

Bernard Wesphael, age 62 years old, is a Belgian politician. He is the founder of the Ecolo party and Left Movement Party. On the other hand, he is a suspect in Véronique Pirotton’s demise. 

Explore Bernard Wesphael Late Wife and His Case

Bernard Wesphael’s wife was late Véronique Pirotton.

In November 2013, the Belgian police arrested Bernard Wesphael under the murder suspicion of Véronique Pirotton. Previous to the day of the accident, Bernard and Wesphael had stayed at Ostend hotel. Apparently, the couple even went under argument for some reasons. 

Bernard woke up to find a dead spouse after a 40-minute sleep. Wesphael claimed that his wife died from suicide. But, the police found bruises on Véronique’s body. While, the autopsy report showed she lost her life from drugs, alcohol, and potential asphyxiation. 

Bernard Wikipedia: Where Is The Politician Now? Update 2021

Bernard Wesphael’s Wikipedia page is also available.

The polices soon took Bernard into custody for 10 months as a prime suspect. Eventually, he was released on bail. Similarly, the trial finally took place in August 2016. However, the jury was unable to find any solid evidence to sentence Bernard Wesphael.  

In 2019, the politician even applied for wrongful imprisonment compensation. Though he was denied at first, the court finally offered him around $99k USD. As of the 2021 update, Bernard Wesphael is even trying to return back to politics. 

Netflix Under Suspicion 

In 2021, Bernard Wesphael’s case was portrayed in the Netflix documentary “Under Suspicion“. 

The crime docu also revealed that Véronique was in an affair with Oswald De Cock. In fact, Oswald allegedly used the Véronique past trauma for his benefit. This eventually helped Wesphael’s official release from the case. 

Soon after his release in 2016, Bernard even published a book titled Assassin. Similarly, he wrote all about his side of the story on what happened at Ostend hotel in 2013. However, the question still remains unsolved on who killed Véronique Pirotton? 

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