Who Are Ahmad Alissa Parents? Ethnicity, Religion And Nationality Revealed

Who Are Ahmad Alissa Parents? Everything On His Ethnicity And Background

Who Are Ahmad Alissa Parents? Everything On His Ethnicity And Background

Ahmad Alissa has been recognized as the prime suspect of the Boulder Shooting. Know more about his parents and ethnicity. 

The 21-year-old allegedly opened fire in a supermarket in Colorado leaving 10 people dead and the whole country in disarray. However, the boulder shooting is not the only shooting that occurred in the country in the last few weeks. 

10 people including a police officer were killed in the supermarket on Monday. Following the shooting, the police have arrested a suspect who they believe killed those people. Let’s get to know his religion and nationality. 

Ahmad Alissa Nationality and Ethnicity

Ahmad Alissa is an American by nationality. However, his ethnicity is Syrian. 

Moreover, he is currently based in Arvada, Colorado. It is a town a few kilometers away from Boulder where the shootings took place. As confirmed by his friends, Ahmad Alissa spent a long time in the United States after immigrating from Syria when he was a child. 

Who Are Boulder Shooter Ahmad Parents?

Following the rampage at Boulder, Colorado, the police arrested a young suspect, Ahmad Alissa. His parents, however, have not yet come to the frame. 

Speaking of his family, his brother, however, gave an interview to the Insider. He mentioned that Ahmad was suffering from a mental illness as a result of bullying and hate in high school. 

The psychologists anticipate mental illness to be more a victim rather than initiating such a heinous act. Further facts on his family remain under review as interviewers are trying to contact his family. 

Ahmad Alissa Religion and Background 

As his name suggests, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the alleged boulder shooter Alissa is Muslim by religion. 

With every passing minute, new info gets released on Ahmad Alissa. Hence, it is quite hard to track the credibility of the sources. 

Moreover, Alissa was known to have a background of mental illness. However, the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. 

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