Who Are Amanda And Amália Tiktok? Twins Shooting Video Instagram

Amanda And Amália Tiktok – Twins Shooting Video On Instagram

Amanda And Amália Tiktok – Twins Shooting Video On Instagram

Amanda and Amália from TikTok are twins who were recently killed. find their shooting video on Instagram right here.

Both Amanda and Amália were TikToks stars. The social media personalities shared their amazing life with their fans.

They were very popular among the youths and their videos used to make everybody smile. Indeed, the twins were dedicated to their TikTok videos.

Who Are Amanda And Amália Tiktok?

Amanda and Amália were on TikTok with more than 2 thousand followers.

However, their account seems to have been removed from the social media platforms. Indeed, we cannot find their accounts or videos anywhere on the internet right now.

Most probably, the killer deleted their accounts after executing them. Hopefully, TikTok will find a way to recover their accounts as soon as possible.

Along with TikTok, Amanda and Amália’s other social media accounts have also been removed from the internet. The real reason behind their account deletion is yet to be known.

Currently, an investigation is going on and the respective authority will surely answer all the unknown questions. Since Amanda and Amália haven’t responded in a while, we can assume that they are dead.

However, TikTok stars are best known for their pranks. So, their death could be just a rumor as nothing has been officialized yet.

Reportedly, Amanda and Amália’s family has also not reacted to the news yet. Hopefully, everything will be made public soon.

Amanda and Amália Shooting Video Instagram

Amanda and Amália’s shooting video was aired live on Instagram.

According to MTO News, their videos have been watched more than a million times. Right now, the video is unavailable as Instagram has already deleted it.

Indeed, the video has caused outrage across the globe. Everybody wants to find out what actually happened to Amanda and Amália.

Moreover, locals believe that the girls were lured into the countryside. They were asked to kneel and were shot in the back of the head.

Reportedly, the abductors streamed their shooting video live on Instagram. Also, they asked everybody to share it which was absurd.

After their killing, rumors say that they were involved with drug dealers. So, we can assume that Amanda and Amália were murdered by those people.

As of now, nothing has been updated about the killers. Hopefully, the truth will be brought in front of social media soon.

Twins Age Revealed

Twins Amanda and Amália were 18 years of age.

Reportedly, they were born to Brazilian parents in Pacajus, Fortaleza. Moreover, Amanda and Amália’s real names haven’t been revealed.

Furthermore, the twins died in July 2021. We send our condolences to their family and hope that they rest in peace.

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