Who Are Amy and Carina? Age And Instagram Bio

Who Are Amy and Carina From sMothered? Meet The Duo On Instagram

Who Are Amy and Carina From sMothered? Meet The Duo On Instagram

Who Are Amy and Carina From sMothered? Find out more about the mother-daughter duo age and Instagram in this article.

If you’re addicted to cringy and unceasing fascinating to watch, it’s better to check out sMothered. Well, its is a TLC reality show about mothers and daughter who are way too close.

After the news of sMothered returned on May 31. It’s honest to say the Season 3 trailer is intriguing as the cast includes Amy and Carina on it.

sMothered: Who Are Amy And Carina?

Amy and Carina in sMothered are mother-daughter duos from Hawaii.

According to TLC reality show sMothered, the duos Amy and Carina are perfect fodder for it. 

The mother-daughter duo does not just swap panties – which sounds gross and also apparently unusual enough to get you a contract with TLC, they evidently share a bed and shower together as well. 

The mother-daughter connection goes beyond having a spiritual connection.

Moreover, in the coming season, sMothered spoilers reveal that Amy and Carina might start separating a little. Amy seems to realize that neither of them can successfully form romantic relationships.

When they are not filing TV shows, Amy and Carina are busy taking care of their 11 pets including two great danes and eight ducks.

The Duos Age Revealed

The Duos Amy and Carina age might be the 30s and teens respectively.

Not standing with, their exact age is still under investigation. Amy, the mother of Carina seems to be in her 30s whereas Carina seems to be in her teenage by exploring their pictures on the show.

Meet Them On Instagram Bio

Amy DeAngelo and Carina DeAngelo both can be found on Instgaram.

The daughter, Carina is active on Instagram under the username @carnadeangelo.

Carina has hoarded more than 13.2K followers on her Instagram account. Additionally, she has 452 posts and 2.6K followings thus far.

The mom, Amy is active on Instagram under the username @amydeangelo808.   

Moreover, Amy has 450 followers on her Instagram bio. Also, she has 65 posts and 18 followings so far now.

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