Who Are His Wife And Family?

Who Is Friedrich Karl Berger KZ? Meet His Wife And Family

Who Is Friedrich Karl Berger KZ? Meet His Wife And Family

Friedrich Karl Berger’s Wikipedia is yet to be written up. 

The Tennessee man, Friedrich, used to work as a guard in a Nazi concentration camp back in World War II. In February 2020, he was ordered to be removed from the United States after being involved in the Nazi-sponsored acts of persecution at the Neuengamme concentration camp.

He was very disappointed with the decision and even fought against the decision for almost a year. However, in February 2021, he was removed to Germany, according to The United States Department of Justice. 

Friedrich Karl Berger Age Revealed

Friedrich Karl Berger’s current age is 95 years. However, the birthday details have not been revealed yet, but we know that he has lived quite a long life. 

After the end of World War II, he moved to the United States and had been staying in Tennessee since 1959. His age was just 33 years at that time, and for almost 62 years, he lived in the USA, more than the time he spent on his home soil, Germany.

Who Is Friedrich’s Wife? 

There is nothing to know about Friedrich Karl Berger’s wife. However, we assure you that he was married to a woman; but is a widower currently.

According to KNOX News, he had moved to Canada in 1956 with his wife and their daughter. This clearly is the evidence of him being married. Sadly, he doesn’t have his wife to accompany him during this difficult time. 

Friedrich Karl Berger Family And Daughter 

Very little is known about Friedrich Karl Berger’s family life. As we mentioned earlier, he and his wife shared just one daughter who had two children.

When he was deported to Germany, only two of his grandchildren remained to accompany him. Working for the German navy, he can be considered a German citizen. When Friedrich had arrived in Frankfurt, he was sent for further investigations. Since then, nothing has been reported until now.

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