Who Are Jeremy And Amanda? Facts You Need To Know 2019

Who Are Trevor Lawrence Parents? Meet Jeremy And Amanda Lawrence

Who Are Trevor Lawrence Parents? Meet Jeremy And Amanda Lawrence

People want to know about Trevor Lawrence parents as he approaches Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Trevor Lawrence is also known as William Trevor Lawrence is an American quarterback who has already won the 2021 Sugar Bowl and 2020 National Championship Game.

Moreover, he played college football at Clemson. He is widely recognized for playing for the Clemson Tigers. Most importantly, Trevor Lawrence is regarded as a future potential first pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Trevor Lawrence Parents: Who Are Jeremy And Amanda?

Trevor Lawrence was born to his parents father Jeremy Larence and his mother Amanda Lawrence.

Moreover, Trevor is one of three children of Jeremy and Amanda Lawrence. He has a brother named Chase and a sister named Olivia.

Moving on, Trevor’s parents are devotionally religious. Also, Trevor’s parents are quite supportive since his childhood. Trevor’s father also hired a Quarterback Trainer to work with him in the eighth grade.

Trevor Lawrence Net Worth Explored

Trevor Larence Net worth is supposedly in the millions.

Being one of the reputed football quarterbacks, Trevor Lawrence must have amassed a hefty sum of money. He was also considered to be among the best high school quarterback.

However, we’re keeping track of Trevor Lawrence’s actual net worth and will update once it’s available.

Trevor Lawrence Girlfriend Revealed

Trevor Lawrence is happily married to his girlfriend Marissa Layne.

Well, Marissa Layne proudly took Trevor’s surname as Marissa Lawrence who she was dating since high school. Moreover, the couple is recently married and they seem perfectly happy together.

Also, we can picture Trevor and his dearest wife Marissa on Instagram any many posts.

Meet Trevor Lawrence On Instagram

Trevor Lawrence is available on Instagram.

We can perceive an immensely followed Instagram account under the username @tlawrence16. 

So far now, Trevor has already hoarded 804k followers. Also, he has 226 posts and 981 followings on his Instagram account.

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