Who Are Joes Daemen And Eline Daemen Dekker?

Oliver Daemen Parents: Who Are Joes Daemen And Eline Daemen Dekker?

Oliver Daemen Parents: Who Are Joes Daemen And Eline Daemen Dekker?

Oliver Daemen was born to wealthy parents so much so he could afford to travel to space. Who are Joes Daemen And Eline Daemen Dekker? Get the details here.

Oliver Daemen aged 18 years is a student in Physics major. The youngster will be joining, Mark Bezos, and Wally Funk on the New Spaceflight.

Surprisingly, Daemon had won the auction for the Blue Origin Space Flight. He is set to become the youngest person to ever go to space.

Oliver Daemen Parents

Oliver Daemen was born to parents Joes Daemen and Eline Daemen Dekker in 2003.

The youngster is lucky to have parents who are very successful as well as highly educated.

Oliver usually shares his memories on the Instagram platform. He goes by the username “oliver_daemen”.

Oliver Daemen Father: Joes Daemen

Oliver Daemen’s father Joes Daemen is a private equity mogul. His parent’s net worth has finally come in handy to chase his dream. 

It is his father who made his dream come true to become an astronaut. He paid a million dollars worth of tickets for the space trip.

Joes is a wealthy CEO of Somerset Capital Partners. He started his career as a broker soon owning his own equity firm. His business schemes include real estate developments and investments.

Oliver Daemen Mother: Eline Daemen Dekker

Oliver Daemen’s mother Eline Daemen Dekker is an ambassador at the family business.

According to her LinkedIn, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Also has studied foreign languages in her college years. News also suggests that Eline is a volunteer for a program to combat loneliness among the elderly.

Besides, she has served as a cabin crew member for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for five years.

Oliver Daemen Net Worth

Oliver Daemen’s net worth is very high considering his auction win against a $28 million bidders.

He is still very young to have his own asset. However, he is a son of a wealthy business tycoon who owns a great asset in the Netherlands.

The Daemen’s family combined net worth is expected to be $500 million.

Is Oliver Daemen On Wikipedia?

Oliver Daemen’s Wikipedia is on its way.

He is set to create a new record for the first time becoming the youngest astronaut in space.

Daemen was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is a Physics student who graduated last year. Besides, he holds a private pilot license which will be very handy for him during the tour.

As of now, he is preparing for the space trip in Texas, United States.

Meanwhile talking about adventure, the youngster loves surfing and flying in his spare time.

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