Who Are Mitch and Mark The Block? Age Height Biography and Instagram

The Block: Who Are Mitch and Mark? Explore Their Story

The Block: Who Are Mitch and Mark? Explore Their Story

Mitch and Mark are recognized as one of the most popular Sydney couples in The Block. They are taken as Australia’s most powerful and confident Blockheads.

Despite the age, the two Bondi granddads are set to return to the show again. Let’s see, how had they develop their strategy to win the title of winners.

The Block: Mitch and Mark Age & Height

Mitch is 56 years of age whereas Mark is 57 years old. 

Except for the exact age number, there is no other information regarding their birth date and year. As of now, they have not shared any of the celebrations regarding it.

Sadly, their height is also not revealed. But we assume Mitch and Mark are somewhere 5’8 inches tall.

Explore Mitch and Mark On Instagram

Mitch and Mark are very active on their Instagram. They are with the name mitchandmark there. As of now, they have altogether 33.1 k followers by sharing 880 posts in total.

We can spot their colorful pictures, with traveling to numerous destinations, spending time with each other, photoshoots, their luxurious cars, beach time, in clubs, and many more.

Mitch and Mark’s Wikipedia Bio

Being the popular face, Mitch and Mark haven’t been introduced on the Wikipedia page yet. However, we have to gather information through other websites which also helped to know more about the couple.

Mitch serves as a marketing manager for Porkstar. Moreover, he had been involved in the hospitality field for a longer time.  On the next side, Mark serves as a psychologist. Currently, he is engaged in personal injury and insurance.

Besides this, the duo is spotted on the adventurous journey too. Mitch and Mark participated in 2017 Seven’s Aussie Property Flippers and seen on addicted to the flip as well.

Do They Have Children In The Family?

Talking about their family, Mitch and Mark are blessed with three children named Zoe, Chad, and Blake along with five grandkids. Mitch stated that family is the most important thing to them. 

Moreover, the duo always says to their kids that they are lucky enough to have a mother and two great dads. If you are not aware, then Mitch was married to a lady numerous years before.

With her, he had children. However, now he is happy with his partner. Mitch and Mark are together for more than a decade now. 

Mitch and Mark Net Worth In 2021

Well, the exact Net worth of them is still under review. No doubt, Mitch and Mark have earned millions of dollars as of 2021. We can spot their lavished properties and homes through their social media platform.



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