Who Are Rialcris Brothers On AGT? Age Wikipedia And Instagram

Who Are Rialcris Brothers On AGT? Age Wikipedia And Instagram

Who Are Rialcris Brothers On AGT? Age Wikipedia And Instagram

Rialcris Brothers will appear on AGT for the 8th episode. Who are the Rialcris brothers? Here is everything to know about their age, Wikipedia and Instagram.

The Rialcris brothers are popular for their unique balancing act. They demonstrated some gravity-defying balancing act.

Their act in AGT got a standing ovation from all four judges and was cheered by all the crowd.

The three brothers shared some connection with one of the judges, Sofia Vergara. They all are from Colombia, and in the end, they were proud of each other for their talent.

Who Are Rialcris Brothers On AGT?

Rialcris brothers are three hand balancers Alex, Ricky, and Christian. 

The three talented brothers did an activity where each balanced their bodies on top of each other.

They got a big round of applause from the audience and a standing ovation from all the four judges Simon, Heidi, Howie, and Sofia. 

The episode will air on July 20 at pm on NBC.

Rialcris Brothers Age – Where Are They From?

The Rialcris brothers’ age is not made public as of now.

The talented brothers are from Bogota, Columbia. Their nationality is Columbian. 

But there is no further information on the Rialcris brothers and their ethnicity.

Rialcris Brothers Wikipedia 

The Rialcris brothers were famous before they showed up on AGT. But they do not have an official Wikipedia page.

The Columbian brothers performed on Tu Si Que Vales in 2016. Then, Rialcris was awarded the International Circuba Festival prize in 2018.

Afterward, they moved to Las Vegas and started working on their new project named Producciones Trevensolli in 2019. The three brothers also performed on the Tengo Mucho Talent program in the United States.

Rialcris Brothers Instagram

The Rialcris brothers are active on Instagram with the username @rialcris_.

They currently have 611 Instagram followers. They mostly share their pictures of performing the balancing act.

Their most recent post is about them sharing the stage of AGT. With their unique and excellent talent, there is a high chance of them going to the ‘Live Shows’. But it all comes down to the four judges who will make the decision. 

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