Who Are Voros Twins on TikTok? Chris and Patrick Vörös, Age, Height, Birthday, Nationality

Who Are Voros Twins on TikTok? Chris and Patrick Vörös Facts To Know

Who Are Voros Twins on TikTok? Chris and Patrick Vörös Facts To Know

Who Are Voros Twins on TikTok? Voros twins are the social media sensations as they have gained a lot of followers and fans base after their creation in TikTok. They are the famous Twin content creator who usually create funny and caring videos. They have been viral since they are identical twins and are very close to each other and are always supportive.

Voros Twins started their career as a pro wrestler way back in 2013 when they saw a wrestler in the Gym since then they have been motivated to entertain the audience one way or another. They even won their tag team championship and now they are entertaining via their TikTok content. 

Name Voros Twins: Chris and Patrick Vörös
Birthday August 20
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Tiktok Star/Social media influencer
Married/Single single
Instagram @vorostwins
Tiktok @vorostwins
Twitter @VorosTwins
Youtube VorosTwins


10 Facts on Voros Twins:

  1. Chris and Patrick Vörös were born on August 20 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. Chris and Patrick Vörös’s Age as of 2020 is not known. They are probably in their 20’s and they recently celebrated their birthday together on August 20.
  3. Their exact height is not known, but we guess their height is approximately around 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is about 1.77m.
  4. Voros identical twins on TikTok are sensational content creators and Tiktokers and recently have been on the limelight because of their creation in social media especially on TikTok.
  5. Talking about their nationality, they are Canadian born but their roots are from Hungary and they even call themselves Hungarian.
  6. Voros twins are very much active in their youtube channel as they are vloggers and are usually posting about their day to day life experience.
  7. They are available on Instagram @vorostwins where they have more than 28.8k followers.
  8. Their username on twitter account is DA VINKI They are usually posting about each other on their social media platform.
  9. Voros Twins TikTok account has more than 163k followers and more than 2.5m likes and they even sell their merch from Vancouver, Canada.
  10. Voros Twins are a fan of wrestlers such as John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, and the Usos as they have mentioned it in an interview.

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