Who Are Zhang Ziyu Parents? Height In Feet, Age And Instagram

Who Are Zhang Ziyu Parents? Height In Feet Revealed

Who Are Zhang Ziyu Parents? Height In Feet Revealed

Who are Zhang Ziyu parents? They are former basketball players with heights of 2.13m and 1.98m.

Every basketball fan remembers the former NBA player Yao Ming. However, Yao’s height record might be broken by another person soon!

She is Zhang Ziyu from China. She is just a teenager and has already crossed the 7 feet height mark.

Who Are Zhang Ziyu Parents? Meet Her Family

Zhang Ziyu’s parents are former Chinese basketball players.

Zhang Ziyu inherits her height and sports genes from her family. Her mother, Yu Ying, is a retired professional basketball player. In fact, Yu also played for the national team.

Similarly, her father also used to throw hoops as a professional. However, details about Zhang’s siblings are not available for now.

The basketball prospect is from Shandong province, China. Thus, Zhang Ziyu is of Chinese ethnicity and nationality. 

Zhang Ziyu Height In Feet: How Tall Is She?

Zhang Ziyu towers at a height of 7 feet and 5 inches or 2.26m tall.

Her father and mother stand at 2.13m and 1.98m respectively. This makes her taller than both of her parents.

What’s more shocking is Zhang Ziyu is just the age of 14 years old!

Apparently, it was quite evident that Ziyu would be really tall from an early age. When she was in her first grade, she was already 1.6m. By sixth grade, she had touched 2.1m height.

Now, Zhang is also being compared to former basketball player Yao Ming. Yao, who stands 7 feet and 6 inches tall, is an NBA legend. He played for the Houston Rockets (1997-2001).

The heights of players in the national basketball team of China range from 1.85m to 2.16 m. Thus, Zhang is already taller than all the top professional men. 

Find Zhang Ziyu on Instagram

Zhang Ziyu is not available on Instagram.

This is because social media like Instagram, Google, Youtube, Facebook and many other websites are banned from China. 

Nonetheless, Ziyu is getting viral on the Chinese microblogging site, Weibo. She was even on the trending site last Thursday for her impressive performance in the under-15s tournament in Jingzhou, Hubei province.

Zhang scored 42-points in the game. Likewise, she also ended with 25 rebounds and six blocks. 

Sports pundits predict that Ziyu might be drafted in WNBA soon. This might even make her one of the first female Chinese players in the WNBA.

Let’s see, how well will Zhang use the height for her upcoming basketball career. We wish her all the best!

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