Who Did Juju Castaneda Marry?

Who Did Juju Castaneda Marry? Was It CEO22Wayz? Know Everything

Who Did Juju Castaneda Marry? Was It CEO22Wayz? Know Everything

Who Did Juju Castaneda Marry? It appears Juju married a guy called CEO22Wayz. Let us learn more.

Juju is known for her appearance on the VH1 reality series Lobe & Hip Hop: New York.

She is a businesswoman too.

Did Juju Castaneda Marry CEO22Wayz? Wedding Details

Juju Castaneda reportedly married CEO22Wayz.

None of them have officially announced their marriage yet. However, most of JuJu’s fans are sure the two married in Las Vegas.

Several images and videos hit the media that revealed JuJu had married. The rumors began as soon as the reality series star shared a photo captioned “Forever.”

 Also, her Instagram stories included a ring emoji.

To point out, The Shade Room uploaded a video of her marriage on Instagram.

Actually, she is seen kissing her partner, CEO22Wayz. In fact, the video had revealed her husband’s identity for the first time.

Many of her friends cheer her at the marriage. Also, the two walk together while being photographed. CEO22Wayz appears wearing a beach cloth at the wedding. 

However, the shared pictures and videos have still not convinced many of her fans. They assume the wedding looked very informal, to be true. Well, all the doubts will be cleared once either of them reveals the truth.

CEO22Wayz Wikipedia: His Job and Business

CEO22Wayz does not have a Wikipedia bio of his own.

In fact, his real name is also under the radars as of now. There is very little information about the man on the Internet.

In addition, CEO22Wayz seems to be a businessman or entrepreneur. It can be guessed by his judging the looks in his Instagram posts.

However, it is unknown at the moment about his job or business. It would be all clear once he comes out to speak to the media.

CEO22Wayz Net Worth and Age

CEO22Wayz’s net worth is yet to be discovered.

The man looks pretty wealthy looking at his Instagram photos. He seems to have a pretty lavish lifestyle. 

But it is unclear how he earns all the fortune.

Also, CEO22Wayz’s exact age is not available. His wife, JuJu’s age, is 40 years old.

His Ethnicity and Nationality

CEO22Wayz’s ethnicity is Black.

Besides, his nationality is not confirmed at the moment.

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