Who is 7xvn? Net Worth And Real Name

7xvn Face Reveal: What Is Rapper’s Real Name?

7xvn Face Reveal: What Is Rapper’s Real Name?

Who is 7xvn? 7xvn is a mysterious rapper and songwriter who is famous for his rap songs on Soundcloud. One of the intriguing things about him is his face.

The rapper has not yet revealed his face to the public. And one can sense that he prefers to keep a low profile of himself. On the other hand, 7xvn also enjoys being an element of mystery and enjoys it for aesthetic reasons.  

Name 7xvn
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Instagram 7xvngod

In case you’re wondering, 7xvn is an American rapper and musical artist. He is not an exclusive rapper as he sings another genre like rock and mumble. Basically, he is the crossover of different genres from metal to hip-hop. The musical artist is known for his songs like “Keep Talking”, “Pyscho”, “Virus”, and many more. Here are the top 10 interesting facts to know about him. 

10 Facts on 7xvn

  1. 7xvn is an American rapper and musical artist who is best known for songs like “Keep Talking” and “Cry.”
  2. Moreover, his real name is Steven. But the reason behind his stage name, 7xvn is not known yet. 
  3. Nor is his financial details. Hence, 7xvn’s net worth remains under review for now. 
  4. One of the many mysterious things about him is his face. 7xvn has not revealed his face yet. 
  5. The rapper mostly wears a white mask with a black horned cap. 
  6. Similarly, his age and birthday remain a mystery as well. 
  7. Despite his overwhelming fame, 7xvn doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. 
  8. Looking at his recent photos, the rapper seems to have a good height. He has quite a slim body. 
  9. Moving on, 7xvn is not spotted with anyone who can be implied as his girlfriend. Hence, he might be single for now. 
  10. You can find him on Instagram of course. He has amassed around 20k followers on the platform. 

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