Who Is Acrello Tiktok? Leave Acrello TikTok Viral Trend Explained

Who Is Acrello Tiktok? Leave Acrello TikTok Viral Trend Explained

Who Is Acrello Tiktok? Leave Acrello TikTok Viral Trend Explained

Who Is Acrello Tiktok? Fans have been demanding to leave Acrello alone. Here are the explained details about the TikTok viral trend.

Professionally, we can recognize Acrello as a content creator. He is famous for his comedy bits and life hacks.

Previously, he was active as @justacrello. Unfortunately, someone hacked his account, leaving his followers shocked.

Who Is Acrello Tiktok?

Acrello from TikTok has over 4.8 million followers.

His account is private, and hence, we cannot publicly view his videos. However, we can confirm that his videos have over 150 million likes.

Born on January 1, 2002, he reached 19 years old on New Year Day. Furthermore, his nationality is American, as he hails from Lansing, Michigan.

Before his appearance on TikTok, Acrello was famous on Vine. However, the application has already closed in 2021.

Moreover, he runs his own YouTube channel. Under his name, he has earned approximately 52.4 thousand subscribers.

Well, we can find Acrello on Instagram. Under the username of @itsacrello, he has precisely 65.6 thousand followers.

Furthermore, we can find him on Twitter. His username is @itsacrello, and he has 347 total followers.

What Happened To Him? Leave Acrello TikTok Viral Trend Explained

Leave Acrello is a trend by his fans that has gone viral on TikTok.

According to HITC, the trend has confused everybody who uses TikTok. To get the answers, the TikTok users have shifted to Twitter.

Previously, his viral videos were publicly available on his profile. Now, Acrello has made it private, and there’s no DP on his profile.

Well, we have finally found out why his fans are asking us to leave him alone. 

Since he is famous for his pranks, it’s another prank for internet users. But, yes, his fans are supporting him this time.

So, we can confirm that there’s nothing wrong with Acrello. He is just trying to make an inside joke on himself such that people will get confused that he got canceled.

Indeed, Acrello has got all of us on his pranks. If you are reading this article, congratulations! he has successfully pranked you too.

Moreover, he even played a smart move by making his TikTok private. Thus, nobody except his genuine followers knows about what’s happening.

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