Who is Adam Willson Officer KPD? Everything On Wife And Family

Knoxville Police Officer Adam Willson Update: How Is He Doing?

Knoxville Police Officer Adam Willson Update: How Is He Doing?

Adam Willson, who is an officer of KPD was severely injured in a shooting. The dreadful incident almost took him away from his family.

Gun violence and mass shooting continue to trouble American schools. In recent months, four innocent teens have lost their lives to different shootings in Knoxville alone. In a recent case, even police officers were the victim of the shooting. 

Who is Adam Willson Officer KPD?

Adam Willson is an officer at the Knoxville Police Department (KPD).

Adam has been serving in the American police for the last 20 years. He mainly works as the School Resource Officer. The SROs are mainly involved in the safety and prevention of school crimes in America.

Furthermore, Willson’s net worth might be pretty decent. 

Adam Willson was in charge of the Austin-East Magnet High School. However, Adam Willson was recently injured in the shooting that took place in the school. According to the reports, he is in stable condition right now. 

Everything On His Wife And Family

Adam Willson wife details remain hidden. 

Due to the complexity of the shooting case, reports are keeping his relatives detail private. Similarly, Willson’s children have also not spoken to the media yet. 

Adam Willson family might be relieved of his healing.

The suspect shot Adam on his upper leg. Consequently, he was seriously injured and taken to UT Medical Center for treatment. Adam Willson even had to go under surgery. Nonetheless, Willson fought for life and recovered safely from the wounds. 

What Happened At The Knoxville Shooting?

On April 12, 2021, Adam Willson and another police officer reported to a shooting call. The conversation took place at 3:15 pm when they found out a shooter was hiding in the school bathroom. When reached officers the bathroom, the shooter started counter-attacking.

Sadly, another officer lost his life to the shooting. Likewise, the shooter was also killed in the altercation. On the other hand, the school directors closed Austin-Magnet on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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