Who is Ahmad Alissa? Boulder Shooting Suspect Age And Wiki

Breaking: Boulder Shooting Suspect Identified, Who is Ahmad Alissa?

Breaking: Boulder Shooting Suspect Identified, Who is Ahmad Alissa?

Ahmad Alissa has been identified as the prime suspect in the Boulder Live Shooting. The 21-year-old Ahmed has been arrested. 

A terrible tragedy unfolded on Monday in Boulder, Colorado when people were shot in a supermarket. 10 people including a police officer were killed on the spot when the gunman operated the fire. 

With the case heating up in the States, a new name has surfaced in the spotlight as a prime suspect of the incident. It is one of the many shootings that have occurred in the US within the past week. 

Who is Ahmad Alissa? Everything on the Boulder Shooting Suspect

Ahmad Alissa is a prime suspect of the Boulder Shooting on Monday. He allegedly shot and killed 10 people in the King Soopers Supermarket in Colorado. 

Currently based in Arvada, Colorado, the suspect has spent most of his life in the United States. However, the details about his past are not surfaced until now. We are keeping track, of course. 

The suspect had a gunshot wound in the leg and is currently in the hospital. We will witness more exposure to the incident once his treatment concludes. 

Ahmad Alissa Age and Wiki: How old is he?

Ahmad Alissa is just 21 years of age, as confirmed by the District Attorney. 

He obviously doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography but if the allegations are true his infamous wiki is on the horizon. After all, Ahmad will be facing 10 counts of murder.

His nationality remains unidentified at the moment though. Neither do we have any details on his parents. 

The Boulder Shooting Suspect Arrest: Is he in Jail?

Yes, Ahmad Alissa has been arrested but he is not in jail right now. He is currently receiving treatment after being taken into custody a few hours before. 

If proven, Alissa will face 10 counts of murder. At the moment, he awaits trial. 

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