Who is Alyssasnida Tiktok? Age Height, Boyfriend And Instagram

Alyssasnida Tiktok: Who is Alyssasnida? Real Name And Instagram Bio

Alyssasnida Tiktok: Who is Alyssasnida? Real Name And Instagram Bio

Alyssasnida is a Tiktok star and social influcer. She boasts over 204k followers on the platform.

Tiktok stars are taking the internet by storm. One such new face in the platform is Tiktoker, Alyssasnida. She became viral with her clip titled “I’m your assistant wyd,” which garnered above 5 million views. 

Who is Alyssasnida from Tiktok? Everything on Her Age and Height

Alyssasnida is a Tiktok content creator.

She is mainly popular for making lipsync and fitness videos on the platform. Each of her videos gets thousands of views and hearts. Likewise, her total video likes have reached 885.2k to date.

Alyssasnida seems around the age of 20 years old.

The social influencer is a resident of Florida, United States. Her nationality is American. Furthermore, her ethnicity is Caucasian white. 

Alyssasnida stands at a decent height- which is not revealed yet.

On the other hand, she has an amazing body with abs. This is mainly attributed to her rigorous exercise for the past 2 years. As a fact, she seems to have lost a healthy amount of weight in the past few years. 

Alyssasnida Boyfriend Explored

Alyssasnida is currently dating her boyfriend, Ethan Robertson.

Similar to his partner, Ethan hails from Florida. He graduated from Florida State University.

Furthermore, Alyssasnida loves to flaunt her other half, as she posted a photo with the caption “My Man” on Jan 2, 2021.

Alyssasnida doesn’t have a Wiki bio yet.

Also known as her nickname Lyss, Alyssasnida is her real name. Moreover, she is very close to her parents-especially her dad. 

Meet Her On Instagram

You can follow Alyssasnida on Instagram as @alyssasnida.

In addition to Tiktok, Lyss is also rising on Instagram recently. She has amassed more than 51.1k followers on the social site. 

Apart from social fame, Alyssasnida is an independent woman herself. The influencer shares her love for air.  As a fact, she is currently working as an air hostess. T

Furthermore, she loves traveling and visiting beaches. She also has a tattoo “Your Are Art” below her collar bone. 

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