Who Is Ambili 143 Tiktok? Ambili Age Girlfriend And Instagram

Who Is Ambili 143 Tiktok? Ambili Age Girlfriend And Instagram

Who Is Ambili 143 Tiktok? Ambili Age Girlfriend And Instagram

Ambili 143 is a famous TikTok star who became viral when reactionist Arjyou trolled him. Find out his age and girlfriend details. 

Ambili is an Indian famous TikTok video maker. But he has been viral recently when the famous reactionist Arjyou trolled him for his foolishness and immaturity expression in his videos.

Ambili is mainly focused on making videos about his life events and past incidents. His background music and plea usage make the videos more distinct and funny for the viewers to join a duet with him while describing his sad love life events.

There are many TikTok accounts found with ambili 143 but he is available as @__a__m__b__i__l__i__143_. 

Ambili 143 TikTok?

Ambili 143 actual TikTok account is @__a__m__b__i__l__i__143_ where he has gathered more than 678.9k followers. 

His overall videos have got 15.8m likes and are liked by his fans and followers. He mainly makes videos about his life events and past incidents. 

Recently, he averages around 150k likes per video in his TikTok account. He mostly makes TikTok videos in his own Malayalam language, which is difficult to understand to other language viewers.

His TikTok bio states that he is an interior designer.


##voiceeffects ചെയുന്ന പണി നല്ലത് പോലെ ചെയുക വിശ്വാസം സന്തോഷം ആത്മർത്ഥം . എല്ലാവരും അത്ര ഉള്ളു

♬ original sound – Achayan Kannur – അച്ചായൻ.കണ്ണൂർ

Ambili 143 Age: How Old Is He?

Ambili 143 is a rising TikTok star who has been in the news after Arjyou roasted him and his videos.

 So, there isn’t much information found about him on the internet.

About his age, he looks like in his mid-’20s

Ambili is from India who speaks Malayalam, so by that case; he holds Indian nationality. 

Know His Girlfriend

It appears that Ambili does not have a girlfriend.

The TikTok star has not mentioned if he has a girlfriend or is still single. 

We can also not find his girlfriend in his TikTok account, so assume that he is still single. 



♬ original sound – 🔰✬͜͡മുത്ത്_മണി✬͜͡🔰

Meet Him On Instagram

Ambili 143 isn’t found on Instagram as of now. 

It seems he isn’t using the Insta account. 

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