Who Is American Psychologist Married To?

Is Phillip Atiba Goff Married? Everything On His Wife And Personal Life

Is Phillip Atiba Goff Married? Everything On His Wife And Personal Life

As a leading figure in America’s racial movement, people are curious to meet Phillip Atiba Goff wife and family. 

Goff is an American Psychologist and researcher. He is well-known as the Yale professor in the African-American Studies and Psychology department. Likewise, Goff is actively working to secure an unbiased policymaking system in the United States. 

Phillip Atiba Goff Wife: Who Is the American Psychologist Married To?

Phillip Atiba Goff’s wife is a lovely woman.

However, Phillip Atiba Goff has not disclosed who he is married to. The psychologist doesn’t prefer to talk about his personal life and affairs. Nonetheless, Goff does jokes about his wife on Twitter sometimes.

You can follow Phillip Atiba on Twitter as @DrPhilGoff. He joined that platform in 2013 but already has over 57.1k followers now. Furthermore, he has won awards from the American Psychological Association and Association for Psychological Science Rising Star. 

Phillip Atiba’s Age Explored 

Phillip Abtiba Goff’s age is around 44 years old

Phillip is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Similarly, he attended Harvard University and graduated with a degree in Afro-American studies. Furthermore, he also possesses a masters and PhD in Social Psychology from Stanford University.

In 2004, Goff became a lecturer for Pennsylvania State University a year. Currently, he serves as an associate professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Phillip is a regular scholar at Harvard University 

Meet Him on Wiki Page

Phillip Abtiba Goff’s Wiki page is available.

Goff is the founder and CEO of Center for Policing Equity. The research centre is focused on ensuring racially correct laws and policies in the United States. Likewise, he is also involved in the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice.

Apart from philanthropical work, Phillip is also an avid musician. During the early 2000s, he was part of a queer band named Deep Dickollective. Moreover, his nickname was Lightskindid Philosopher. 

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