Who Is Ana Esther Ponce Rosa? Humacao Kidnapping And Update

Municipal Legislator Ana Esther Ponce Rosa Was Kidnapped: Everything To Know

Municipal Legislator Ana Esther Ponce Rosa Was Kidnapped: Everything To Know

Police asserted a pink alert as Ana Esther Ponce Rosa was kidnapped in Humacao. Let us know the updates. 

Ana Esther is a municipal legislator. She serves the Humacao municipality for the Victory Citizen Movement.

Ana Esther Ponce Rosa Humacao Legislator

Ana Esther Ponce Rosa is a Humacao municipality legislator candidate.

Rosa has been living in Humacao for around five decades now. 

Ponce Rosa had declared her candidacy for Humacao’s municipal legislator in October 2020. She had impressed the locals with her economic development plans.

With vows to solve people’s problems, she won the legislator’s position. Actually, Humacao is a municipality in Puerto Rico.

Ana served as a manager of her medical office for several years. In fact, she has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrated in accounting.

In addition, Ponce Rosa has earned a Juris Doctor degree. She achieved it from the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Law.

Rosa is married to her husband Romulo Suero. The two arrived in Humacao municipality in 1975.

Ana’s age is 67 years old. Also, she has a fair complexion with black hair and a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Ana Esther Ponce Rosa Kidnapping

Ana Esther Ponce Rosa was kidnapped on Wednesday.

She was carjacked in a white Honda Passport Touring SUV. In fact, she was in front of the Millennium Clinical Laboratory in Humacao as the incident happened.

According to reports, the kidnapper was a male with a dark complexion. He was wearing a blue denim jacket, a black cap, and a gray jacket at the time. 

Ana Esther’s Case Update

As per the updates provided by authorities, they found Ponce Rosa alive.

The police had published the photo of the kidnapper in the media. Also, they released a circular urging everyone to contact them as soon as they see him.

The Pink alert was activated as Rosa’s kidnapping was reported to the police. 

Also, Ana was reportedly assaulted by the man as he was abducting her. Furthermore, the man appeared to possess a gun with him.

There are no further updates at the moment about the kidnapper. Similarly, it is not known whether the police have arrested him or not.

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