Who Is Andrew Strauss New Wife? Children Kids & Family Net Worth

Does Andrew Strauss Have A New Wife? Here Are The Details

Does Andrew Strauss Have A New Wife? Here Are The Details

Has Andrew Strauss made a new wife after lost Ruth? Find out. 

Andrew is one of the most decorated cricketers in England. The former captain has led the national team in every major game. 

However, Strauss has a very sad story behind him. 

Who Is Andrew Strauss New Wife? Update on His Children and Kids 

Andrew Strauss has not made a new wife after the death of his ex-wife.

Andrew Strauss was previously married to his late wife, Ruth McDonald. The couple met each other while Andrew was in his first-grade cricket practice in Australia. 

Sadly, Ruth passed away from non-curable lung cancer that affects non-smokers on 29 December 2018. She was just 46 years old in age.

The cricketer was deeply saddened by his wife’s untimely demise. They were married for nearly 15 years together.

Furthermore, Andrew Strauss also had two children or kids with Ruth.

Their older son Sam was born on December 4, 2005. Likewise, Luca was born on July 14, 2008. Besides, Strauss remarks on his children as his greatest support after his wife’s death. 

Meet Andrew Strauss Family and Early Life

Andrew Strauss family is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa.

His father was a former insurance broker, and Andrew later moved to the UK with his parents when he was 6 years old. Eventually, he grew up in England with his three older sisters. 

Strauss attended the Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire and later Radley College in Oxfordshire. Furthermore, he also graduated with an economics degree from the University of Durham.

During his early cricket career, Andrew spent most of his time in Australia. It was around the same period when he met his late spouse.

In the 2003/2004 season, he finally made his international cricket debut. He started as a player in the team of England’s tour of the sub-continent. 

How Much Does Andrew Strauss Own in Net Worth?

Andrew Strauss net worth is estimated in millions, which is still under review.

It is reported that most of the England cricket players earn salaries in millions of USD. Therefore, we have no doubts that Strauss generated a similar amount during his prime time.

Nevertheless, Andrew has donated most of his wealth for a good cause now. He is the founder and head of Ruth Strauss Foundation, which was launched in memory of his late wife.

In 2019, the organization raised over £500,000 pounds, which rose up to £850,000 pounds last year. In 2021, Andrew plans to raise £1million pounds on “Red For Ruth” day. 

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