Who is Andrew Teague Ohio? Saadiq Teague Father Shot And Family Details

Who is Ohio Teen Saadiq Teague Father Andrew Teague?

Who is Ohio Teen Saadiq Teague Father Andrew Teague?

Who is Andrew Teague, and why was he killed? Let’s get to know everything about the dreadful incident.

Andrew Teague is an Afro-American man who was killed by cops in a shootout a month ago. The cops were just trying to arrest him after he was accused of shooting at his brother multiple times during a fight.

Moreover, the case was finally out of the media until his teen son got arrested a few days back for carrying a gun and drugs in New York City.

Who is Andrew Teague?

Andrew Teague is a 43 years old man who got killed by the cops while he was running away from his arrest.

Before the incident, he seemed to be a normal American citizen. The man had a private personal life, so not much of his Wikipedia details are available.

Likewise, he was a married man with a wife, but their details are also off the record.

The couple shares a teenage son named Saadiq Teague. We do not know if they have any other children than Saadiq.

His Son Saadiq Teague: What Happened?

Saadiq Teague is the son of Andrew Teague.

As per the news portals, Saadiq was arrested on April 16, 2021, in the Times Square subway of New York City.

He was charging his mobile phone when the cops saw an AK-47 rifle poking out of his bag. So, the 18-year-old boy was detained with several third-degree charges.

Furthermore, the police also claimed that they found rounds of ammunition and a gas mask in his backpack.

Similarly, the case is being investigated, but Saadiq’s motive is still unknown.

How Did Andrew Die?

Andrew Teague died on March 5, 2021, in Columbus, Ohio.

The incident occurred as Andrew drove away from police attempting to arrest him on an assault warrant.

Later, the man exited his vehicle and began firing bullets at the officer and deputy. That is when he was got shot and died.

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