Who Is Annette Badland Husband David Hattan? Net Worth Age Child And Weight Loss

Who Is Annette Badland Husband David Hattan? Meet The Cast Of Midsomer Murders

Who Is Annette Badland Husband David Hattan? Meet The Cast Of Midsomer Murders

Who is Annette Badland husband David Hattan? Here’s everything about her net worth and weight loss.

Annette is a professional actress who appears as Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders. Moreover, she has acted in almost 162 different movies and television series.

She made her debut in 1975, appearing in the television movie, The Naked Civil Servant. Her upcoming shows are Mercy and Swim.

Who Is Annette Badland Husband David Hattan?

David Hattan cannot be called Annette Badland’s husband. Well, the couples haven’t married yet.

Professionally, David is an actor who has appeared in at least 58 shows. The popular ones include The Pirates Of Penzance, The Knock, Shadow of The Noose, etc.

Reportedly, he has been working in the film industry since 1972. He made his debut in the television series Hope and Keen’s Crazy House.

According to reports, the pair first met in 1979. Reportedly, Annette was on stage while David had been cheering for her from the stands.

Well, she describes her first moment with her partner as ‘romantic.’ As per her statement, he had fallen in love with her and kept coming back to see her.

Since the start, they had no intention of getting married. Thus, the popular duo is yet to tie the knot.

Well, we aren’t sure if they are still together. But, if David and Annette do, we are pretty sure they are the first couple to date so song without marrying.

Get To Know Annette Badland Net Worth

Annette Badland has an estimated net worth of $17 million. Indeed, her earnings as an actress are outstanding.

But, we aren’t sure about her partner’s assets. Most probably, his net worth is in the thousands.

At the moment, we have no clue about Annette’s salary in Midsomer Murders. But, having already worked for four years, we can confirm that she has earned quite well from the television series.

Furthermore, her work in Eastenders is quite popular. She had played the role of Babe Smith from 2014 to 2017.

Annette Badland Age: How Old Is She?

Annette Badland’s current age is 70 years old. According to her biography, she was born on August 26, 1950.

Reportedly, she was raised by her British parents in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Currently, she resides in London, according to Twitter.

Well, she has around 20.1 thousand followers there. Even today, she is active on social media.

Does Annette Badland Have A Child?

Annette Badland hasn’t revealed anything about her child yet. So, we assume she never raised any children.

Furthermore, we know that Annette and David lived in London together. But, neither of them has confirmed if they have kids.

Actress Annette Weight Loss Story Explained

Annette Badland revealed her weight loss in an interview. Reportedly, she followed acupuncture methods which helped her in losing calories.

On April 23, 2018, she tweeted a picture where she looked rather thin than usual. Indeed, her fans were quick to realize and raise questions about her weight.

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