Who is AnniTheDuck? Merch, Twitch, Instagram, Real Name, Age, Bio

AnniTheDuck Real Name, Age And 10 Facts To Know

AnniTheDuck Real Name, Age And 10 Facts To Know

Who is AnniTheDuck? AnniTheDuck is a Twitch streamer, social media influencer, and cosplayer who is best known for her all-around social media popularity. She mostly streams Just Chatting videos on Twitch. 

Moreover, AnniTheDuck currently has over half a million followers on her Twitch channel and more on Instagram. She has a personal website for merch and other financial sales. 

Quick Facts: AnniTheDuck Real Name, Age And 10 Facts To Know

Name AnniTheDuck
Age 23
Gender Female
Nationality German
Profession Twitch Star, Cosplayer
Instagram @annitheduck
Twitter @annitheduck
Youtube @annitheduck

A German by nationality, AnniTheDuck uploads her content in the German language. She is mostly seen streaming Just Chatting videos on Twitch and Youtube. Besides, she also loves dress-up and does cosplay during her spare time. Hence, it is not a surprise that Anni has been able to gather loads of followers. 

Here is everything you need to know about her. 

10 Facts on AnniTheDuck

  1. AnniTheDuck is a German Twitch star and social media personality who is known for streaming video games and cosplaying. 
  2. Moreover, AnniTheDuck has her own merch. She updates her products on her personal website. 
  3. Her Twitch channel AnniTheDuck has amassed over 540k followers as of now. She has been streaming for just 3 years. 
  4. Likewise, AnniTheDuck is present on Instagram and Twitter as well. Her Insta handle has more than 600k followers already. 
  5. Moving on, AnniTheDuck’s real name is Annissa. But the streamer prefers her nickname, Anni. 
  6. As for her age, Anni is currently just 23 years old. Her birthday remains undetermined for now. 
  7. Despite her overwhelming social media fame, AnniTheDuck doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. 
  8. However, her bio can be found on a lot of web portal sites on the internet. She rose to tremendous fame within two years of streaming. 
  9. Besides, Anni loves dressing herself up. Her cosplay photos, videos, and products are great hits. 
  10. Furthermore, she is of German nationality. Also, most of her content is in the German language. 

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