Who Is Argi First Dates? Argimiro Edad Biografia, Instagram

Who Is Argi From First Dates? Meet Argimiro On Instagram

Who Is Argi From First Dates? Meet Argimiro On Instagram

Argimiro on First Dates is a handsome insurance agent and soccer referee looking for love and a companion.

Who Is Argimiro From First Dates?

First Dates is a platform for people to find love and partnership. Argimiro, known as Argi in his inner circle, is one of the contestants in the show.

He lives in Madrid, Spain and has been divorced for the past five years.

Currently, he is a soccer referee. Argimiro started playing soccer when he was 17 years old.

He got divorced after having two kids with his ex-wife. He has two daughters, who are 10 and 9 years old.

Argimiro also jumped on this bandwagon to fill his life with love and some action. Even though he is a soccer referee at the moment, he is professionally an Insurance Agent. Looks like Argimiro has a finance background in education. Looking at his personality he looks like a promising Insurance Agent.

And the fact that he is a referee now, we can assume that it must be his hobby. He has turned his hobby into his passion and is enjoying his life after divorce by doing things he loves.

Argimiro Edad Biografia

Argimiro edad or age is 42 years old. There is no exact date of his birth but according to the resources his age is said to be 42.

He is a tall and handsome Latino guy. Even though he is a divorcee he still has his charm.

There is not much information about him except for the fact that he is an insurance agent and a soccer referee.

His hometown is Madrid, Spain.

Argimiro Instagram

Argimiro is not so active on social media. That is why his Instagram details are not there.

Argimiro On First Date

A woman named Marta went on a date with 42-year-old Argimiro. They really clicked on their first date. 

Marta is known to be the famous MILF of town. She declared herself as the MILF. She is very much active on social media handles. Marta is a 41-year-old widower. Her beloved husband passed away 4 years ago. She has two kids with him. One is 10 years old and the other one is 7 years old.

Marta and Argi really had a good rapport with each other. They bonded and talked about their preferences in relationships. They must have agreed on each other as while leaving they kissed goodbye holding hands.

Isn’t that cute?

It sure is. Well, Marta is a Zara saleswoman and is living her life to the fullest. No matter how many lemons life throws at her, she sure is going to handle it well.

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