Who Is Aubrey Cottle AKa Kirtaner? Wikipedia, Age, Face, Anonymous, Twitter

Who Is Aubrey Cottle Aka Kirtaner? Anonymous Founder Wikipedia And Facts To Know About

Who Is Aubrey Cottle Aka Kirtaner? Anonymous Founder Wikipedia And Facts To Know About

Who is Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner? Coming straight to the point, Aubrey Cottle is the founder of the hacktivist collective named Anonymous. The world went quiet confused around 2007 and 2008 when this unknown group hacked many governmental bodies in the USA. Very recently, he posted on Reddit, and now, he has been answering a lot of queries posted by people all around the globe. 

Name Aubrey Cottle
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Hacker, Web Developer
Married/Single Married
Education Northern Secondary School
Twitter @Kirtaner
Facebook @Kirtaner (private)

Also, he remains the founder of the anonymous imageboard named 420chan. Basically, he is a web developer as well as a hacker and his website totally deals with drug culture, often referred to as cannabis culture. Currently, he has been working closely with forensic researchers and journalists and his identity was actually revealed by Gregg Housh, a former Anon. 

10 Facts on Aubrey Cottle:

  1. Aubrey Cottle’s exact age is not known to us but from his looks, we can definitely tell that he is currently in his forties.
  2. Currently, we remain unknown to his parents as well as siblings. 
  3. Very recently, he collaborated with Mother Jones to cover Jim Watkins‘ past businesses. 
  4. Moreover, Aubrey Cottle has been very active on Twitter right now and has gained around 6.8 thousand followers in total. 
  5. Also, he can be found on Facebook but the account seems to be private. 
  6. From his Facebook bio, we have found out that he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and thus, his actual nationality is Canadian. 
  7. Since Aubrey Cottle had never revealed his face and always used to wear the famous Guy Fawkes mask, we had no idea how he looked. But, now, he has already revealed his face which you can find all over the internet. 
  8. Talking about his education, he had completed his schooling from the Northern Secondary School
  9. Moving on to his relationship status, he says that he is already married but we are unknown about his wife and children.
  10. Surprisingly, he loves to play games and stream them on Twitch. 

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