Who Is Aunt Karen TikTok? Real Name, Age And Instagram

Aunt Karen On TikTok, Real Name And Face Revealed

Aunt Karen On TikTok, Real Name And Face Revealed

Who is Aunt Karen on TikTok? Well, she is a black woman exposing racist people found over the internet as well as outside. Learn more.

Aunt Karen is a famous TikTok star who is getting both good and comments for her videos. She is exposing many racist people against blacks and other races. 

Basically, she searches for such videos on the internet, as well as outside. As mentioned by her, she is a Karen hunter. She is a self-claimed good Karen who hunts bad Karens. 

She stated there are good and bad Karens, and she falls in the good Karen group.

Nowadays, TikTok is emerging as the greatest social media community worldwide. Many content creators are getting a platform to follow ad show their true interests. Both good and bad things are circulating the web because of TikTok. 

Likewise, Aunt Karen also got a platform to fight against racism and racist, but she has to face both kinds of responses from her audience. 

Who Is Aunt Karen?

Aunt Karen is a famous TikTok star. She is getting hyped nowadays because of her unique name and videos accordingly. 

Although she has named herself Karen, she states herself as a good Karen, and she is there to hunt Bad Karens. Aunt Karen has a TikTok account named @auntkaren0, where she has about 1.1m followers and got 37.9m hearts.


##HPRadicalReuse ##karen ##racist ##ChiliDogYumPlz @cbs

♬ original sound – TikTok’s Favorite Karen

Recently, she exposed a Wyoming middle school teacher named Mariah Webb. She was caught harassing a black child in her class. 

Furthermore, she talked about a woman who used N-word while singing a Tupac song. Aunt Karen finds her workplace and asked her co-workers to help fire her. 

What is Aunt Karen’s Real Name and Instagram?

Aunt Karen has not revealed her real name and house location for her security purpose. Her job is itself a risky one. 

As she is working without anyone’s approval, she is dealing with so many people who can hurt her. While giving her interview to the NBC news, she pledges to keep her real name and identity secret. 

On Instagram also she is active @auntkaren0. About 7k people follow her there, and as of now, she has not disclosed any of her personal details.

How Old Is Aunt Karen?

Aunt Karen is now 31 years old. She was born in the year 1990. 

However, she has not shared when she celebrates her birthday. 

Aunt Karen Wiki Bio and Family

Aunt Karen has not her wiki-bio featured on the internet. She has kept most of her information hidden. 

Moreover, she has not revealed her family’s details right now. It is obvious for her to remain secret as she is exposing so many racist people. 

Her real identity and family details are yet to be surfaced. 

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