Who is Autumncathey6 Tiktok? Teeth, Age Height And Instagram

What happened to Autumncathey6 Teeth? Tiktok Star Viral Video Explained

What happened to Autumncathey6 Teeth? Tiktok Star Viral Video Explained

TikToker Autumncathey6, whose real name is Autumn Cathey, is getting viral for her lost teeth. What is the fuss around the clip?

Every day people post numerous “people getting hurt” videos on TikTok. However, very few of them reach public attention. Among them, Autumncathey6 is creating a buzz on the platform after she drank mimosas and lost her teeth.

Who is Autumncathey6 Tiktok? Update on her Teeth

Autumncathey6 is a Tiktok star. 

Recently, Autumncathey6 went viral on TikTok after she posted the video titled “Bottomless mimosas are a drug.” The short clip starts off innocent and simple. Likewise, we can see Autumn and her friends drinking Mimosas.  


Bottomless mimosas are a drug // wait till the end. TikTok took it down

♬ original sound – Autumn Cathey

Unfortunately, Autumncathey6’s teeth fall out at the end of the video.

After getting drunk on alcohol, the TikTok star climbs on her friend’s shoulder. Consequently, the video finishes with Autumncathey6’s losing her teeth and her mouth covered in blood. Till now, the video has amassed nearly 190k views on TikTok alone. 

Get to Know Autumn Age and Height

Autumncathey6’s age is around 25 years old.

The TikTok star is a resident of Delaware, USA. Thus, she is an American by nationality. However, her exact birthday and zodiac sign are not available to the public yet.  

Autumncathey6’s height stands decently tall.

Cathey is a beautiful lady blessed with all. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Furthermore, Autumn also updated that the dentists put the teeth right back to her gums. Thus, she has already restored her cute smile. 

Meet Autumncathey6 on Instagram

You can follow Autumncathey6’s on Instagram as @autumn_m_cathey.

Autumncathey6 is quite popular on IG with 1.9k followers. Similarly, her TikTok account has attracted over 2.4k followers. In the like manner, people have liked her TikTok videos around 45.9k times. 

Autumncathey6 married her boyfriend, Aaron Cathey, on May 21, 2016. Similarly, they know each other for nearly a decade now. Furthermore, Aaron and Autumn are parents to 2 cats.   

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