Who Is Ayla Mintjes? Wikipedia Age, Husband And Amsterdam Shooting

Who is  Ayla Mintjes? Everything On Amsterdam Shooting Victim

Who is  Ayla Mintjes? Everything On Amsterdam Shooting Victim

Who is Ayla Mintjes? Ayla is a Dutch tanning salon worker. She was shot in Amsterdam. 

She was hit but managed to drive nearby hospital where she died of her injuries in the night from Sunday to Monday.

About ten years ago, she moved from Friesland to the Amsterdam area. She was overblown for setting her eyebrow care specialized company.

Not too long after moving, Ayla was shot in the Mercedes AMG with automatic weapons on Sunday. 

Who Is Ayla Mintjes? Everything On Her Wikipedia

Ayla Mintjes worked in a tanning salon in Diemen.

In addition to that, the stylist was busy setting up her own company, specialized in eyebrow care.

Ayla Mintjes was a victim of a Sunday shooting in Amsterdam. Moreover, she was identified by Het Parool. 

However, Ayla Mintjes Wikipedia is still out of sight. The victim’s death left her relatives and closed ones lamenting. 

“My heart is broken into a thousand pieces and I don’t really realize it yet”, someone writes on Instagram.

Mintjes Age: How Old Is She?

Mintjes age was 27 years old as of now.

According to the article published on NL Times on 18th May 2021, Mintjes was claimed that age. So far now, she had never disclosed any deets regarding her actual date of birth.

Know About Her Husband

Mintjes was not married to have a husband.

However, she had a 26-year-old boyfriend named Anis B.

Well, As per several reports, the boyfriend of the victim was likely the intended target of the attack.

Her boyfriend, who the killers had probably anticipated has been in the picture of the investigation for a variety of crimes, including along with notorious Amsterdam criminals.

Amsterdam Shooting Incident 

Ayla Mintjes was killed in the Amsterdam shooting incident.

She was said to have moved recently moved to an apartment in Maassluisstraat where the incident took place.

Looking into the incident, automatic weapons were used to open fire on the black Mercedes AMG that Mintjes was driving.

After she was shot, she managed to drive herself to a hospital where she took her last breathe. She succumbed to her injuries.

The shooting on the Maassluisstraat is related to a drawn-out conflict in the underworld.

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