Who Is AyyTrae Twitch? Age, Real Name, Boyfriend And Instagram

Twitch AyyTrae Age And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

Twitch AyyTrae Age And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

AyyTrae is a popular twitch streamer and content creator who gained popularity after she cosplayed famous singer and celebrity Post Malone and went out on the streets while streaming last year. 

Following her portrayal of Post Malone, AyyTrae saw a huge boost in her fanbase as people started enjoying her streams and her funny and quirk personality. Some people also became a fan of her beautiful face and nature.

Although Ayy is a famous internet personality there is very little information about her available on the Internet. Therefore, to help you know the rising streaming star more here are 10 facts on AyyTrae:

Quick Facts: Twitch AyyTrae Age And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

Name AyyTrae
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @angelicatrae
Tiktok @ayytrae
Twitter @ayytrae
Youtube ayytrae

10 Facts on AyyTrae

  1. AyyTrae has kept information regarding her date of birth and age away from the internet and hasn’t revealed them to the public yet.
  2. Her name is not actually AyyTrae but it is Angelica Trae. She picked up the name AyyTrae as an alias to use on the Internet.
  3. She started streaming in 2018 and has seen a steady rise but her net worth is something that hasn’t been estimated by any of our sources yet.
  4. Ayy hasn’t announced any details regarding her having a boyfriend or being in a relationship yet. Therefore, we can assume she is currently single.
  5. She is a resident of Los Angeles, California, and is a white woman of American nationality.
  6. In a tweet posted by AyyTrae on January 23, 2021, she mentioned that her height is currently 5 feet 1 inch. However, details regarding her weight are still unavailable.
  7. Along with being a streamer she is also a pretty good guitarist and has showcased her skills in a few of her streams as well.
  8. She has an Instagram account with over 9k followers and a Twitter account with over 8k followers.
  9. AyyTrae also has a TikTok account. On the account, she has over 17k followers and over 330k likes.
  10. Not only Twitch but AyyTrae is a YouTuber as well who has over 19k views on her channel.


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