Who Is Bevelyn Beatty? Stabbed, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who Is Bevelyn Beatty? Stabbed, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who Is Bevelyn Beatty? Stabbed, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Instagram

Bevelyn Beatty is a conservative activist. Bevelyn and her friends were attacked on November 4, 2020, by a group of Antifa Rioters people when they tried to stop them from harassing a man who has just returned after voting. The entire event of the harassment and the Antifa Rioters stabbing Bevelyn Beatty was caught on camera and can be found online.

Beverly shared she had a rather unpleasant childhood, she was abused both physically and sexually. Moreover, she was very confused by her mother’s treatment of her and her siblings, she shared her mother would love them unconditionally in one moment but would start hitting them the very next minute. She got into trouble when she got older but later discovered christ and is now a devoted follower.

Name Bevelyn Beatty
Age mid 20’s
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Activist
Siblings 5 siblings
Instagram @bevelynbeatty
Twitter @MsBevelynBeatty
Youtube Bevelyn Beatty

10 Facts On Bevelyn Beatty

  1. Bevelyn Beatty appears to be in her mid 20’s. Information regarding her exact age/date of birth has not been shared.
  2. She is a beautiful woman she has curly black hair and a pretty face.
  3. She is a devoted Christian and loves to spread the love for Jesus. She can be found using #JesusMatters in her social media posts.
  4. Talking about her family members, she has 5 siblings, one of her younger brother’s names is Xabier but we don’t have the rest of the names. The name of her parents has not been shared yet.
  5. Bevelyn Betty is anti-abortion she has participated in and helped organize various anti-abortion rallies. She has shared that she herself has had 3 abortions.
  6. She went to a college in New York but later dropped out, The name of the college she attended has not been shared.
  7. Beatty was once arrested for money laundering charges.
  8. She was arrested in July 2020 for painting over black Lives Matter mural.
  9. Moreover, Bevelyn Beatty is also a YouTuber she has 123K subscribers on her Youtube channel. Most of her videos are about political and religious topics.
  10. Activist Beatty has 168k followers in her Instagram account where she shares her opinions and political views.

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