Who Is BigChoppaDoe Tiktok? Age, Real Name, Ballot Video, Instagram

Who Is BigChoppaDoe Tiktok? Ballot Destroying Video And Facts To Know About

Who Is BigChoppaDoe Tiktok? Ballot Destroying Video And Facts To Know About

BigChoppaDoe is a TikTok personality from the United States who is going viral for his video. The video is about him working as a poll worker and destroying President Donald Trump Ballot. Because of this video, he is all over the internet. Some people are very pissed at him while some are enjoying it knowing it is just a prank.

Actually, BigChoppaDoe is a prankster who made that video just for fun. He got the uniform from Amazon and a fake ballot. Initially, he posted the video on TikTok and later he cleared it was just a prank via his Facebook status. 

Name BigChoppaDoe
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Web Star
Tiktok bigchoppadoe
Facebook Dale Harrison

10 Facts On BigChoppaDoe

  1. BigChoppaDoe is a prankster who has made a prank video of him destroying Trump’s ballot and he is going viral for it.
  2. Until now, the details about BigChoppaDoe’s bio, age, and birthday details are not disclosed. Observing him, he seems to be in his twenties.
  3. His real name is Dale Harrison which we came to know through his Facebook. 
  4. BigChoppaDoe is somewhere from the United States. He is an American by nationality and black by ethnicity.
  5. He has mentioned through the Facebook comments, that he doesn’t hate Trump and just made the video as a joke.
  6. The video of him destroying the ballot has been deleted from his TikTok but many other TikTok users have saved and shared on their social media.
  7. Some of the Trump supporters are really pissed at his video of destroying Trump’s ballot.
  8. Seeing BigChoppaDoe video, he seems to have decent height with a maintained body physique.
  9. His TikTok @bigchoppadoe currently has a total of 2836 followers and he has a total of 47.8 thousand likes.
  10. You can find him on Facebook “Dale Harrison”. He clearly mentioned the video being fake through his Facebook.

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