Who Is Brenda Penny? Britney Spears Judge Wiki And Family

Who Is Brenda Penny? Meet Britney Spears Conservatorship Judge

Who Is Brenda Penny? Meet Britney Spears Conservatorship Judge

Who Is Brenda Penny? She is the judge in charge of the Britney Spears case.

American pop star Britney Spears recently opened everything about the conservatorship. After more than a decade, Spears came forward to judge Brenda Penny and let her heart out in front of the world!

Who Is Brenda Penny? Meet Britney Spears Case Judge

Brenda Penny is the judge who is handling Britney Spears conservatorship case.

After nearly 13 years, Spears finally broke her silence. On Wednesday, the American pop star told the judge that she wanted to end the “abusive” lawsuit that forced her to be demoralized and enslaved.

Britney gave a speech on a Livestream audio that lasted nearly 20 minutes. She stated that the conservatorship that her father holds has only done more harm to her rather than any good.

Likewise, she also requested Los Angelese judge Brenda to end the conservatorship without any further evaluation.

On the other hand, judge Penny thanked Spears for her “courageous” words. 

Explore Brenda Penny Wiki

Brenda Penny does not have a Wiki biography.

In 2018, the former governor Jerry Brown appointed Brenda as the judge for the Los Angeles Supreme Court, California. 

Penny completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. Likewise, the judge attended the West Los Angeles School of Law to pursue her JD. 

Brenda seems around the age of her 60s.

In 1982, she officially began her career at the law firm of Baker and Gronemeier. By 1994, she had become a solo practitioner.

In 1997, Penny finally made a breakthrough as the probate attorney in the Los Angeles County Supreme Court. 

Her Family Background 

There is limited info on Brenda Penny’s family background and husband.

The judge handles compassionate and high-profile cases. Therefore, we understand if Penny prefers to keep her family details private.

Currently, Brenda is handling the publicly scrutinized Britney Spears case. 

Spears has accused the conservatorship of preventing her from marrying and having children. It was first established in 2008 to help with her financial status allegedly. 

No official decisions are given right now as further legal proceedings will be required to terminate the conservatorship.

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