Who is Brian Kitts Summerland? Shannon Kitts Instagram And Net Worth

Brian Kitts Summerland And Wife Shannon Kitts: Alberta RCMP Charges Explained

Brian Kitts Summerland And Wife Shannon Kitts: Alberta RCMP Charges Explained

The police have charged Brian Kitts with fraud who is a Summerland resident. Also, his wife faces the same charges.

Each year thousands of people lose their money in Ponzi Scheme and Pyramid Scheme. The same happened in Canada this year. A married couple, Brian Kitts and Shannon Kitts, were arrested in Canada for running a Ponzi scheme. 

Who is Brian Kitts Summerland?

Brian Kitts from Summerland is an alleged fraud. 

On March 2021, the Canadian police arrested Brian Kitts and his wife for fraud. The couple was allegedly running a Ponzi Scheme from Calgary. Furthermore, the investigation was carried by the Alberta RCMP Integrated Market Enforcement Team. 

Brian’s age is 65 years old. Likewise, Brian Kitts was operating the business under the name Vesta Capcorp Inc. and Vesta Equity Partners. Similarly, RCMP charges Brian Kitts with fraud, theft, and laundering. 

Meet His Wife Shannon Kitts and Family

Brian Kitts’s wife is Shannon Kitts.

In fact, Brian and Shannon were running the Ponzi scheme together. Shannon is 55 years old in age. On the other hand, info about Brain Kitts’s children and other family members is scarce for now. They are currently maintaining silence regarding the case. 

Brian and Shannon even bought a Condo in Vancouver with the fraud money. Similarly, they also directed some fortune in a bar in Arizona. Furthermore, the couple was also gym freaks with extremely muscular bodies. 

Discover His Instagram Handle 

Brian Kitts’s Instagram is currently unavailable.

Due to his serious case, he is currently maintaining privacy. On the other hand, Brian and Shannon are secluded to appear in court on April 12. Likewise, the investigation of the case is still going on. 

Between 2014 to 2016, Brian Kitts’s net worth added $5.3 million USD. According to reports, he collected money from 20 different investors. On the other hand, he assured his partners 20% in return. However, investors never got the money back.

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