Who Is Cade Cunningham Daughter Riley Mother? Meet His Baby Mama

NBA Draft 2021 – Cade Cunningham Family And Kids – Who is His Daughter?

NBA Draft 2021 – Cade Cunningham Family And Kids – Who is His Daughter?

Cade Cunningham daughter Riley is a toddler. Get to know his baby momma.

Almost every article has cited Cade Cunningham as the 2021 No.1 NBA pick. A player at Oklahoma State, Cade also led the USA to victory in the 2019 FIBA Under-19 World Cup.

In addition to skills, Cade’s real secret behind the immense success is his daughter. 

How Old is Cade Cunningham Daughter Riley?

Cade Cunningham’s daughter Riley is 2 years of age. She was born in the year 2019.

Cunningham became a father at a pretty young age. He was 18 years old senior at Montverde (FL) Academy when he welcomed baby Riley into the world. 

However, being a teenage father never stopped Cade from loving his child unconditionally. In fact, he regards Riley as his biggest inspiration and source of motivation.

During the press conference of the Associated Press All-America First-Team, Cade did not shy away to mention his daughter as his “everything”. Similarly, he quoted, ” she’s like a bundle of happiness in a 2-year-old body”.

Even Cunningham’s coach, Mike Boynton, thinks Riley had added “urgency and responsibility” to the athlete. That’s why everyone believes that she might be the reason why Cade is the number 1 NBA prospect in 2021. 

Who is Cade Cunningham Baby Mama? Riley’s Mother

Cade Cunningham has not disclosed Riley’s mother or his baby mama. 

Riley currently stays in Texas, where she reportedly splits time between Cade Cunningham and the baby momma. As a fact, Cade chose Oklahoma over Kentucky College just to be closer to his daughter. 

On the other hand, Cade Cunningham has never revealed his girlfriend’s details. It isn’t even clear that if he is still together with Riley’s biological mother. 

We do know that Cade Cunningham is not married and definitely doesn’t have a wife. Maybe, he will be comfortable enough to talk about his personal life soon.

Till then, his only partner is the basketball court.

Meet Cade Cunningham Father And Mother

Cade Cunningham’s parents are Carrie and Keith Cunningham.

He was born into a family of athletics. Likewise, he grew up playing basketball and football with his brothers and father. 

The NBA prospect claims that playing football helped him to sharpen his passing and leadership skills. However, he always opted out of basketball.

At 6 feet and 9 inches tall, Cade is just 19 years old. In addition, he is among the 4 siblings in the family. 

His brother, Cannen, works as an assistant for Boynton’s staff since June 2019. Similarly, his other brother, Keith, was a former football player at Texas Tech. Furthermore, he also has a sister named Kaylyn.

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