Who is Captain Walter Biot? Arrested, Wife And Family Details

Who is Captain Walter Biot? Family Facts To Know

Who is Captain Walter Biot? Family Facts To Know

Captain Walter Biot got arrested for handing over important documents to the Russian diplomats. Here is what we know so far about the Captain and the case.

Walter Biot is the Italian Navy Captain who faces the Russian Spy charges. Walter and the Russian embassy officials were at the car park when they got arrested. Among the exchanged documents, some files raised security threats for the country.

Biot took the $5,900 or 5000 euros in exchange for top-secretive documents. The government revealed that Walter is in custody but did not reveal the name of his lawyer.

Who is Captain Walter Biot? 

Captain Walter Biot is an Italian Navy Captain.

Walter Biot’s eta is 54 years.

Biot was working at the defense ministry department as the frigate captain. Walter’s work involved managing relations with the allies of Italy and making national security policies. Walter previously worked for the Ministry’s external relations unit, reports The Star.

Walter’s nationality is Italian, and his ethnicity seems to be Caucasian.

Captain Walter Biot Arrested

Captain Walter Biot got arrested on March 30, 2021.

Two Russian embassy officials got expelled, whereas the captain was arrested with the charges of crimes regarding spies and state security. According to the NPR, Walter is facing a fine and over ten years in jail. Rome also considered an open city as an intersection of international intelligence and interest.

On Tuesday evening, Captain Walter Biot was found handing over important secret documents and information to the Russian diplomats. Walter Biot allegedly took money for the exchange.

Only one of the Russian officials was involved in the scene got revealed. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio is yet to reveal the role of the second Russian official.

Biot Wife And Family Details

Captain Walter Biot’s wife has not come out in public.

The Italian government is yet to reveal any information about Walter Biot’s family and children to the public.

Biot’s familia might soon make a public comment regarding his arrest.

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