Who is Carl Mueller? Kayla Mueller Father, Wiki, Wife, Family

Carl Mueller

Carl Mueller

Carl Mueller had a daughter named Kayla Mueller. Unfortunately, his daughter is no more with them. It is said that her daughter Kayla Mueller was murdered by ISIS. He appreciated President Trump’s administration. He said that Kayla Mueller was murdered by Al-Baghdadi. He supported President Trump’s administration to take out Al-Baghdadi.

Carl Mueller even said that the Obama Administration didn’t help them much. Carls and his wife directly said that they support Donald Trump who took out Al-Baghdadi. He even said that if Donald Trump were the presidents then heir daughter would have been with them. The government didn’t help them much.

Name Carl Mueller
Age 65-67 years
Gender male
Height 5 feet 6 inch
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Married/Single Married
Wife Marsha Mueller
Children Kayla Mueller

10 Facts of Carl Mueller:

  1. Carl Mueller is was born in the United States of America but we don’t know his exact date of birth. He is the one who supported Donald Trump instead of  Obama.
  2. We are unknown about his age but he looks like of early 60. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall man.
  3. Talking about his nationality he is an American and he holds a white race.
  4. Carl Mueller is married. He has a beautiful and supporting wife, her name is Marsha Mueller.
  5. The couple had a daughter named Kayla Mueller who was murdered by ISIS Al-Baghdadi.
  6. Carl Mueller has never mentioned the name of his parents in any sites and in social media. He doesn’t seem to open up.
  7. Carl Mueller has not mentioned anything like how much is his net worth and salary.
  8. There is a video on Youtube in which he has given a speech by praising Donald Trump and he has also talked about the policies and Government of America.
  9. Carl Mueller has never mentioned whether he has siblings or nor in front of the media.
  10. The couple has even questioned the policies of America as it didn’t help them to save their daughter.

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