Who Is Catherine Serou? Everything On Her Wiki Age And Parents

Catherine Serou Murder Case Update: Everything About The Victim

Catherine Serou Murder Case Update: Everything About The Victim

Is Catherine Serou listed on Wiki? Her age was 34 years old. Get to know about the victim parents and her case update. 

Catherine Serou was a UC Davis Graduate. 

She is the victim of murder in Russia.

Who Is Catherine Serou?

Catherine Serou was in the U.S Marine forces who survived in combat and during the war in Afghanistan. 

She stands at the height of 6 foot tall, blonde, athletic, hard-working, intellectual, an artist, a photographer, and studying law at a Russian university.

Serou was found dead on June 19 in a forest outside the Bor suburb where she lived in western Russia.

Since Tuesday, the previous US Marine had been absent as she was gone to a business to attempt to clear up an installment issue rapidly. 

Further, she was a law student and a Marine veteran from California.

Moreover, Serou served in the Marine Corps and did one tour in Afghanistan before earning her bachelor’s degree.

She was reportedly last spotted on a surveillance photo, which showed the 34-year-old looking out an open passenger-side window of a silver car around when she vanished.

Everything On Her Wiki and Age

Catherine Serou is not listed on Wikipedia. 

As of 2021, her age is 34 years old. 

Catherine was in Russia to begin studying law while learning the language to return to the United States and work as an immigration attorney. 

Moreover, Serou has received a bachelor’s degree in design, and a master’s in art history from the University of California at Davis. 

Details on Her Parents

Her mother’s name is Beccy Serou, and her father’s details are unknown. 

According to Yahoo News, “Serou told her mother she had made up her mind to stay and live in Russia. She enjoyed Nizhny Novgorod so much; she loved her life in a Russian family, her friends at the university, her mother, Becci Serou, told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.”

“Becci Serou expected her daughter’s call on Tuesday. They were supposed to build a website together for Catherine’s business, where she taught English.”

Beccy last saw her daughter about two years ago, when Serou sold her condominium in California to finance her studies in Russia.

Case Update and Suspect

Serou’s body was discovered on Saturday, authorities said, after a massive search. 

As per Daily Mail, “Her mother believes that Catherine, who had moved to Russia after selling her California condo three years ago, may have gotten into the wrong car thinking it was her Uber as she rushed to a nearby clinic where payment had not properly gone through. “

According to authorities, a local male born in 1977 convicted of many serious offenses has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering her.

Russian news reports have recognized the suspect as Alexander Popov and said he had a record of vicious violations. 

The suspect was captured and accused of homicide and kept until August 15, the Gorodetsky City Court told CNN. 

He faces up to life in jail whenever sentenced for homicide. 

According to ABC News, “The Investigative Committee added that a decision on the suspect’s charges and pre-trial detention would be made shortly.”

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