Who Is Chase Dean TikTok?

Chase Dean Domestic Violence Charges And Update: Where Is He Now?

Chase Dean Domestic Violence Charges And Update: Where Is He Now?

Chase Dean is trending all over Tiktok after his involvement in domestic violence charges. Let’s find out what had actually happened.

Chase Dean is a Nashville construction executive and a businessman. He was accused of helping his son who was accused of domestic violence.

It was one of the most controversial domestic violence cases in recent Nashville history. Here are some details we know about Chase Dean.

Chase Dean Domestic Violence Charges

Chase Dean was accused of taking money from the investors.

Later, the money was used to help his son fight domestic violence charges.

However, those charges made upon his son David Chase were eventually dropped.

Professionally son of Chase Dean, David Chase is a developer from Nashville.

David who was 38 then was charged with domestic assault after an incident involving his former girlfriend. As well as he was accused of Vandalism in June 2014 at an apartment they shared.

The victim claimed Chase dragged her out of his apartment by her ponytail in one of the two incidents

Following the investigation, many things were uncovered including extortion, possible bribery, even blackmail, and many crimes. We are unsure if Chase Dean was ever in jail.

Is Chase Dean on TikTok? 

Chase Dean does not have a Tiktok account.

But the news of allegations about the domestic violence made against his son reached over many social media.

Moreover, a voice against him was raised on the Twitter and Tiktkok platform.

Who Is Chase Dean? Wikipedia

Chase Dean is an executive and businessman.

For now, he does not have a Wikipedia bio on his name.

However, there is a LinkedIn profile under his name. According to which he has been serving as a President at D.F.Chase, Inc.

He is also the wealthy father of David Chase who was accused in the domestic violence case in the year 2014.

In June 2016, his son David Chase was dismissed with prejudice. Probably from the help from his wealthy father.

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