Who Is Chessbae94? Face Age & Twitch Real Name Revealed

Who is Chessbae94 On Twitch? Face Revealed On Reddit

Who is Chessbae94 On Twitch? Face Revealed On Reddit

There are rumors that Chessbae94 face has been revealed. Please read below to find it out.

Chessbae94 is well-known as Hikaru Nakamura‘s donor, who has been hugely involved in the online chess community after contributing thousands of dollars to random streamers.

Has Chessbae94 Revealed Her Face?

Chessbae94 has actually not revealed her face, and thus, you do not need to listen to those rumors.

However, one of Hikaru Nakamura‘s YouTube videos displays a girl’s thumbnail, and people believe that it is Chessbae94’s picture. Since she has not commented on that, we do not know if the girl in the picture is really her.

Chessbae94 Reddit Explored

With approximately 409 gifted subs, Chessbae94 has her own Reddit group

She built the subreddit to allow open discussion about her. The group has clearly mentioned that she has taken over the control of Twitch Chess. She spends hours working as a moderator and donated thousands of dollars to the chess streamers.

Chessbae94 Age: How Old Is She?

Chessbae94’s age in 2021 has not been revealed.

In fact, we remain clueless about her birthday. Since she has not revealed her face, we cannot make any predictions about her. However, she must be young as most of the people involved in games are of the younger generation.

Meet Her On Twitch

Apart from being a chess moderator, Chessbae94 is herself a Twitch star with over 2.3 thousand followers.

Her Twitch profile has revealed that she streams chess too. This means that she is very interested in playing chess too. With more than 4.2 thousand followers, she is active on Twitter as @chessbae94.

Unfortunately, we can’t find her on Instagram. Since she has shared anything about her love life on any social media, we have nothing to speak about Chessbae94’s partner at the moment.

What Is Her Real Name?

Sadly, Chessbae94 has not revealed her name until today.

Another sad news for her fans – she has been removed as Chesscom‘s moderator. If you visit her profile, we can see that she is just a diamond member now. Her involvement as a chess moderator has definitely increased her net worth.

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