Who is Christian David Mandeville Oregon? Wife And Family Details

Who is Christian David Mandeville Oregon? Wife And Family Details

Who is Christian David Mandeville Oregon? Wife And Family Details

Christian David Mandeville of Oregon was arrested on March 29, 2021, for allegedly assaulting the Swiss Ambassador to the United States, Jacques Pitteloud.

Christian is charged with an assault on a foreign official, resisting arrest, and unlawful entry. He physically pushed past the ambassador and struggled with a Secret Service officer trying to arrest him.

Who Is Christian David Mandeville Of Oregon?

Christian is a 30-year-old man from Oregon. He entered Pitteloud’s residence, which is attached to the Swiss Embassy, on Monday at 2 PM, according to NBC4 Investigation Reporter.

Pitteloud tried to stop Christian from entering his house by extending his arms, but Mandeville pushed him backward. Mandeville also got into some physical fight with one of Pitteloud’s staff.

He allegedly refused to leave the premises.

Agents immediately came to the rescue by restraining Christian and taking him into custody. Christian made his way into the Swiss embassy by jumping over the fence when denied entry.

Neither the ambassador nor any of his staff was harmed during this incident. The purpose of Christian entering Pitteloud’s residence is still not revealed. 

Christian David Mandeville Wife And Family

Christian’s wife details are yet to be disclosed in the media.

The authorities are yet trying to trace out Christian David Mandeville’s family members.

Christian left his bag outside the fence before making his way into the embassy. The secret service has taken the bag as a piece of evidence.

The bag might contain his private information and details, but since the case is still under examination, the US secret service has not given out the details on the suspect.

Is He Swiss?

Christian is a resident of Portland, Oregon. However, his nationality has not been revealed yet. 

It s believed that he might have something against the Swiss ambassador or the embassy. Otherwise, he would not take the risk of illegally entering the highly secured embassy. 

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