Who is Christine Englehardt Miami Beach? Know Her Age And Parents

What Happend To Christine Englehardt Miami Beach?

What Happend To Christine Englehardt Miami Beach?

Christine Englehard was found dead in Miami beach. The police have finally been able to ID her. So, who is she? Everything to know about her age and parents. 

A woman was found raped and dead in her Miami Beach hotel and she is recognized as Christine Englehardt. She was on vacation when two guys gave her a drug and allegedly raped her and stole her credit cards. 

However, the police have arrested and taken them into custody. The suspects have confessed to giving her drug but the post-mortem report is yet to come to confirm the cause of her death. The suspects will be facing multiple charges of assault and murder even. 

Who is Christine Englehardt? Everything on the Miami Beach murder

Christine Englehardt is a woman who was found dead in a hotel room in Miami. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was there to spend a vacation for spring break. It took a few days but police have identified her body. 

As reported by the New York Post, Christine Englehardt was a pizza shop manager based in Philadelphia. She lived with her dog. 

Christine Englehardt Age: How old?

At the time of her death, Christine Englehardt was 24 years of age. 

However, there is no information regarding her childhood and friends. But the two suspects of her murder have been identified as Evoire Coiller and Dorian Taylor from North Carolina. They gave her a drug and allegedly raped her before killing her, as stated by the local police. 

The cause of her death remains a mystery for now as we await her post-mortem. 

Englehardt Parents and Family

Following her tragic death, Christine Englehardt’s parents have not spoken with the media to date. 

It is quite a dark time for her family who are having difficulty sinking into the truth that their daughter is no more with them. Hope her departed soul rest in peace. 

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