Who Is Christine Khuri? James Khuri Wife And Brendan Khuri Mom

Who Is Christine Khuri? Brendan Khuri Mom and James Khuri Wife: Vehicular Manslaughter

Who Is Christine Khuri? Brendan Khuri Mom and James Khuri Wife: Vehicular Manslaughter

Christine Khuri James Khuri: Who is James Khuri Ex-wife Christine Khuri? Stay with the article to find out more.

Christine Khuri is a personal trainer, spin instructor, and certified nutritionist based in Los Angeles. Christine develops fitness and health programs dedicated to her clients all over the United States of America. Most of Khuri’s clients are from New York and Los Angeles.

Christine has extreme passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for fitness and health. Khuri started working out at the age of 22.

Who is James Khuri Ex-wife Christine Khuri?

Christine Khuri was married to businessman James Khuri.

Christine Khuri’s current age is 53 years. Christine and James got divorced in 2008. Their son, Brendan Khuri got into an accident that caused the death of Monique Munoz.

Brendan was street racing in Los Angeles in his Lamborghini SUV with an Audi when he crashed into Monique’s car, reports Daily Mail.  The Lamborghini SUV was a 17th birthday gift to Brendan from his father. 

Brendan Khuri Mom’s Details Revealed

Brendan is Christine Khuri’s only son.

Christine Khuri lives in Beverly Hills with her son, Brendan Khuri, and her family. Brendan Khuri went to El Rodeo School, Beverly Hills, and graduated in 2018.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Brendan Khuri on the charges of vehicular manslaughter. Brendan suffered brain injuries and is still in the hospital. A Go Fund Me page for Monique Munoz was created on February 18, 2021.

What Is Christine Khuri’s Net Worth?

The details about Christine Khuri’s net worth are private.

Christine’s ex-husband, James Khuri might is a multimillionaire. According to Forbes, James made $100 million in sales when he was 27. Khuri is attempting to achieve a $200 million revenue target through his businesses in 2021.

Christine Khuri’s Youtube channel has many workout and health-related videos that help her audience get into the best shapes. The Youtube channel was created on July 17, 2015, and has 99.9k total views.

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