Who is Christopher Martin Cup Foods? Age And Parents Details

Who is Christopher Martin Cup Foods? Store Cashier Testimony And Floyd Case Update

Who is Christopher Martin Cup Foods? Store Cashier Testimony And Floyd Case Update

Christopher Martin is a Cup Foods employee testifying in Floyd’s case right now. Let’s get to know details about his age and parents. 

George Floyd’s case is currently in trial as new witnesses continue to testify in the courtroom. On day 3 of Minnesota V Derek Chauvin, Christopher Martin from Cup Foods speaks about the horrific night. 

Derek Chauvin is charged with the murder of a black man, George Floyd. The former cop choked Floyd for more than 8 minutes to death. Almost after 10 months of the incident, the trial is being held. It is, of course, a matter of national concern. 

Christopher Martin Cup Foods: Who Is he?

Christopher Martin is a cashier at Cup Foods. 

The teenager takes the stand on the third day of the Derek Chauvin trial. His testimony was quite powerful as he described the events that led to Floyd’s arrest that day. 

As per his testimony, George Floyd came to his shop and he was high at the time. He gave Martin a fake $20 bill and the latter took it. Following that, he alerted the manager who called the cops. 

Soon, the hearing became emotional as Christopher felt like he could have changed things if he hadn’t accepted the counterfeit bill. 

Christopher Martin Age: How old?

Christopher Martin is currently just 19 years of age. He is from Minnesota. 

Further facts regarding his birthday and zodiac sign remain under review. The teenager works at Cup Foods as a cashier. And he was there at the night of George Floyd’s murder and sold liquor to the victim. 

Christopher Parents And Family

Christopher Martin’s parents were also at the hearing. T

hey listened to their son’s emotional testimony that moved almost every person who heard it. 

We are currently on the third day of the Derek Chauvin trial in the case that is supposed to be one of the greatest cases in history. More than 10 witnesses have already testified in the courtroom until now. 

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