Who Is Clive Owen First Wife? Farmer Age, Net Worth And Wikipedia

Our Yorkshire Farm: Who Was Farmer Clive Owen Married To? First Wife And Family

Our Yorkshire Farm: Who Was Farmer Clive Owen Married To? First Wife And Family

Clive Owen was a divorced man when he first met his wife Amanda in 1995. Want to learn how he managed to woo her despite the age gap?

Are you one of the viewers who watch Our Yorkshire Farm? You might be familiar with Clive Owen, aren’t you? He is a farm man who lives a normal life with his wife and nine children. 

Moreover, Owen maintains a low-key profile; due to this, we don’t have enough information regarding his family background.

As per our research, he belongs to a middle-class family and grew up surrounded by farms and animals. From childhood, he dreamed of becoming a sheep farmer. 

Guess what? His dream eventually came true, and he runs a Raven Seat Farm in Upper Swaledale, reported by Mirror.

Who Is Clive Owen First Wife?

Clive Owen’s first wife’s name is off the radar now.

We only knew that he was a divorced man with two children from his previous marriage. 

Meanwhile, In 1995, he fell in love with Amanda, a 21-year-old girl known as his present wife.

By profession, she is a writer, speaker, and television personality. 

Clive Age: How Old Is The Sheep Farmer?

Clive Owen’s current age is 66 years in 2021, according to The Sun.

Likewise, his wife, Amanda, is 46 years of age at present. In fact, there is a 21 year of age gap difference between them.

Clive resides at the farm in Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, with nine children with Amanda.

Visiting his heir or farm, Clive has a 2,000-acre site that is home to 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs, and four ponies.

Clive Net Worth Explored

Clive never flaunts his net worth or financial records with the public. 

As per our assumption, he has a good earning from his sheep farm. If not, how can he manage to raise his nine children and 1000 sheep and other pet animals?

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