Who Is Clutchcalvin Tiktok? Age, Bio, Instagram, Real Name

Who Is Clutchcalvin Tiktok? Age, Bio, Instagram: Facts To Know About

Who Is Clutchcalvin Tiktok? Age, Bio, Instagram: Facts To Know About

Clutchcalvin is a Tiktok user who went viral by posting a video of a person destroying Trump’s ballots. The video was originally posted by a user called “bigchoppadoe.” However, the guy deleted his video afterward. But Clutchcalvin did save the person’s video and has shared it on his own account. And guess what, he is getting viral too. 

However, the original source of the video has confirmed that he was destroying fake ballots. As per his comments, the guy wore an Amazon outfit which made him like a voting staff and was just tearing down fake ballot papers. He has also talked about not being a Trump hater and was doing it for fun. The video did break grounds on social media for some time. 

Name Clutchcalvin
Gender Male
Profession TikTok User
Tiktok @clutchcalvin

Here are a few facts to know about the viral TikTok user, Clutchcalvin. 


Voter fraud!! ##trump2020 ##biden2020 ##election

♬ original sound – Calvin Graves

10 Facts on Clutchcalvin

  1. Clutchcalvin is a TikTok user who got viral after sharing a video of destroying Trump ballots. 
  2. Moreover, he has just started his TikTok account. He has just around 25 followers on the platform. 
  3. Unfortunately, Clutchcalvin’s age is still under review. He has not shared any personal detail on social media. 
  4. Likewise, we have not tracked his Instagram account yet. His Instagram is not linked with his TikTok account. 
  5. Calvin, of course, doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 
  6. The guy’s real name is Calvin Graves, as per his TikTok bio. That’s all he has given away about himself. 
  7. The TikTok user has revealed his face as well. He has his own face as a profile picture. 
  8. And evidently, Calvin has also made two other TikTok videos where he has revealed his face. 
  9. Clutchcalvin went viral on TikTok after sharing the “BigChoppaDoe” video. It has gathered more than 2k views already. 
  10. However, the video implying the destruction of Trump ballots is fake and the creator has confirmed that it was made for fun and fun only. 

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