Who is Coach John Beam? Laney College Head Coach Wiki, Age and Bio

Who is Laney College’s Head Coach John Beam? His Wiki, Age and Bio

Who is Laney College’s Head Coach John Beam? His Wiki, Age and Bio

John Beam is the athletic director and head football coach at Laney College, San Francisco Bay area, California. His story and work as a head coach in Laney College have been depicted in the fifth season of an American documentary series of Sports-genre called “Last Chance U” and is going to be released on Netflix on 28th July 2020. 

Who is Laney College’s Head Coach John Beam?

John Beam is a football coach who has been in this career for over 40 years. He has trained more than 20 NFL athletes and has raised the college ranking of Laney to the top Junior colleges in the country. 

He was a football star during his high school and began his career as a football coach from Serra High School. After that, he became the head coach and athletic director at Skyline High School. Then, he joined Laney College in 2004 where he was running the backs coach for half a year.

Later in 2012 he became the head coach there and has been working still in 2020. Coach John Beam has not just trained championship-winning athletes but he is a mentor who goes beyond for his athletes.

He has connections with coaches and colleges nationwide and due to that, the ranks of Laney College has been increased with a higher graduation and transfer rates.

John Beam Wiki, Age and Bio

According to Wikipedia, John Edward Beam was born on 11th January 1959, in San Diego California. He is 61 years old as of 2020.

His parents were Betty Beam and Ed Beam and he was raised with his sister Sue Kopp.

He studied at Kearny Senior High School and was a football player there. He has completed his bachelor’s and Master’s degree from California State University in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

John Beam married Cindi Rivera in September 1981. They are the proud parents of two children. Sonjha Beam and Monica Beam are their daughters.

Laney College’s head Coach John Beam – Career

John Beam has been a sports coach his entire life since 1987. He was a head coach and athletic director in Skyline high school for more than 17 years.

He was also the camp coordinator for Youth Skills Football Camp at Oakland Riders from 2002 to 2012.

He was the regional director of the Junior Player Development program for six years since 2000 and the director of the High School Player Development program from 2006 to the present time at the National Football League.

At Laney College, he has worked for about 17 years. He joined there as a Running backs coach in 2004 but then he became offensive coordinator in 2005 and later the athletic director and now a head football coach since 2012.

Laney College’s Head Coach in “Last Chance U”

Netflix had announced that the fifth and final season of the American Sports documentary series, “Last Chance U” would be coming to Oakland, California at Laney College. The experienced winning coach, John Beam said that Laney College is not a last chance college and rather it is the best chance college.

In John Beam, viewers will get to see a man who is very dedicated to his players and the kids in Oakland know no bound. There is no denying that Beam has seen many talented players over his lifetime of experience and one of the reasons for the attachments in the team coached by Beam is because of the way he develops the abilities of the player according to their talent. 

While he is excited to tell the story about the Laney College Football team to the world, he certainly does not want to be underestimated as a community college and wants to show how Laney college is the best chance and not the last chance.

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