Who Is Cole Buckley? Celtics Fan Wikipedia Age And Instagram

Kyrie Irving Bottle Incident: The Celtic Fan Cole Buckley Was Arrested

Kyrie Irving Bottle Incident: The Celtic Fan Cole Buckley Was Arrested

Cole Buckley was arrested for throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving. What is the full story behind the incident? Find out. 

There are several instances when sports fan crosses the line in games. In a recent game, Kyrie Irving had not expected it would occur to him. A young man named Cole Buckley allegedly threw a bottle just over his head. 

Who Is Cole Buckley? Meet the Arrested Celtics Fan 

Cole Buckley is the Celtics fan arrested for throwing a bottle at Kyrie Irving. 

The Brooklyn Nets won over Boston Celtics with 141-126 points in the recent game. However, Irving, who scored 39 points in the game, was nearly hit by a water bottle as he walked off the court. 

The bottle was apparently thrown from the audience. Infuriated by the incident, Kyrie pointed in the stand. The police eventually arrested Cole Buckley, who was wearing Kevin Garnett’s green jersey. 

According to a witness, Buckley threw a Desani water bottle over Irving’s head. Likewise, the police charged the Celtic fan with assault and dangerous weapon battery. 

How Old Is Cole Buckley?

Cole Buckley is 21 years old in age.

The arrested man is a resident of Braintree. Similarly, he is scheduled to appear in the Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday. Moreover, he is already banned for life from the TD garden stadium following the incident.

Cole Buckley doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. 

Both NBA and Celtics have strongly condemned Buckley’s behavior. Marcus Smart, a Celtics player, was quick to speak on the situation. He praised the police for taking action. 

Besides, Kyrie was very much disappointed by the situation. In fact, he blamed underlying racism as one of the reasons for the incident. He also compared how players are often treated like animals in zoom. 

Find His Instagram Handle

Cole Buckley’s Instagram account seems private. 

He has not spoken about the situation yet. Likewise, due to the massive backlash, Cole Buckley has also made his Twitter And Facebook handle private.

On the other hand, many netizens and basketball fans have come forward to criticize Buckely’s behavior. Similarly, the court will announce his punishment soon. 

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